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12 Things to Get Your Grubby Hands on Before You Graduate from UK


Moving out is always a highlight in life, but leaving college and actually becoming an adult is another step. Since you’ve spent so much money on college itself, you’ll have to start out cheap and simple. Why not save some of that hard earned cash by “borrowing” stuff you can find around campus before you leave? Here’s a few things to get your grubby hands on before you graduate college to make adult life easier.


12.) Silverware:
This one is easy. Next time you go to K-Lair, swipe a few extra forks and spoons. You can never have too many! And if you ever hit up some nearby campus eateries such as Cane’s or Qdoba, swipe the plastic stuff too.


11.) Condoms:
One perk of college is the endless access to free rubbers. Your Baldwin babysitter- or RA- flaunts these things like they know what they’re supposed to be used for. Be bold and grab a few handfuls to stock up on protecting yourself.


10.). Coffee Supplies:
Think about how much money you’ll spend at Starbucks when you have a real job… May as well take all the complimentary K Cups from the dorm lobby and maybe even take the Keurig too! Be sure to grab a backpack full of coffee creamers and sugar packets, too.


9.) Napkins:
Stay clean at the table! Getting a stack or two from K-Lair or Bowman’s Den won’t hurt anybody. Not that the napkin holders are ever stocked, anyway.


8.) Toilet Paper:
If you’re really going through the struggle, there’s plenty of paper to go around. So save yours by borrowing some from campus. Plus nobody will actually want it back after you use it. Go on a raid of all the Willy T bathrooms and you won’t have to buy TP ‘til the next Presidential Election.


7.) Coupons:
Save some extra money with coupon apps or the ones sent in the mail. It might not seem like much, but it’ll add up in the end. Your already malnourished bank account will thank you later.


6.) Sauces and Condiments:
Could you even imagine moving somewhere that might not have a Cane’s? Well if you’re going anywhere outside of Kentucky, it’s highly likely. So stock up on that shit now or you’ll live in regret for the rest of your life.


5.) Textbooks:
You know that kid at Willy T who just leaves his stuff lying around willy-nilly, he doesn’t deserve that book. Swipe it and earn some extra cash by selling it on Facebook, or pressuring unknowing freshmen to buy it, by telling them all the answers are in the back.


4.) Glassware:
Don’t mind slipping home a few shot and beer glasses. Throw those fishbowls and glasses in your bag next time you’re at the bar so you can keep it classy and graduate from the solo cups.


3.) Office Supplies:
Start picking up all the left over pens that were left on the ground in big lecture halls like the first floor of Whitehall or the auditorium in Gatton. Stock up on those now so you won’t ever have to buy any.


2.) Raid the Lost and Found:
Find the lost and found area in one of the big campus areas like Whitehall or Willy T. Take anything that even remotely looks like it has value! One person’s stained Patagonia is another person’s $15.


1.) Paper:
Go to all the printers on campus and steal the paper from the paper trays. Buying paper can get expensive, but if you start a stockpile now you’ll thank yourself later.




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