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6 Reasons to be Thankful You Don’t Go to Louisville



It’s the season of reflection, we’re all heading home for the couch coma. It’s times like this we realize what we’re most thankful for! As UK students, we have a lot to be thankful for. Our basketball team, our beautiful campus, but most importantly, we’re thankful that we don’t go to Louisville. Here’s six reasons why!


6.) They Hired Prostitutes to Recruit for Basketball:
It’s no secret that the University of Louisville, our biggest rival, is under investigation for allegedly hiring prostitutes as a means of trying to recruit basketball players. It’s hilarious to us and we’ll talk about it all day. So when we say Louisville sucks, we’re not kidding.


5.) Their City is Gross:
Lexington, our beautiful city, is centered around UK. The people of Lexington respect us and treat us nicely. In Louisville? The school itself is located downtown, so a few blocks off campus and you’re in one of the worst areas. Hide your phone, hide your keys, hide your wallet, ‘cause they robbin’ errrrybody out there.


4.) We’re in the SEC, and They’re Not:
Although football is not our strongest suit here at UK, we still appreciate the ol’ tossin’ of the pig skin at Commonwealth Stadium. We’re a part of the South Eastern Conference, the best conference in all of college sports, indefinitely. We get to celebrate that and although we might not be the best football team, we certainly are bowl eligible this year so that’s something to be excited about! Louisville is part of the ACC which is not as cool as being in the SEC because we said so.


3.) We’re the Flagship of Our State:
One of the things about being a UK Student that will always be better than being a Louisville student, is the fact that we’re the University of Kentucky. Wherever life takes us after graduation, whether its 10 miles down the street or 10,000 miles across the globe, people will always recognize the University of Kentucky before they recognize the University of Louisville. Or University of Loserville, as we like to call them.


2.) Our Mascot and School Colors:
Blue and white are so much cuter than red and black. Our Caturdays are always filled with the best outfits and accessories and everyone looks good in blue. Also, their mascot is stupid. A bird? We have a fierce cat, ready to pounce. And guess what? Cats eat birds. We trump y’all on that too.


1.) Our Amazing Fanbase:
Being a part of the BBN is like no other. You’ll never understand until you get to be part of it. It’s like having a huge extended family. We love being Kentucky students, and no matter what we’re thankful for it. We’re thankful we didn’t choose to be second best, runner-up to the top school, we’re thankful that we didn’t choose to attend Louisville.


Wildcats, remember this when you’re home getting into a fight with your family about the election and each other’s personal beliefs this thanksgiving. Take a moment to realize that it could be much, much worse. You could have been a cardinal!




If you woke up this morning surrounded by ravaged Lunchable boxes, this is for you:



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