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6 Summer Craigslist Jobs in Lexington That Are Only Slightly Dehumanizing

Summertime can get boring, fast. And while the only surefire solution to ending your boredom is getting drunk, getting drunk everyday can get expensive. Good thing there’s Craigslist to find odd jobs to keep your finances afloat this summer. Here are some ways to make some money without being tied down to a steady job, and probably not get murdered in the meantime. 


6.) Love loud music:

There’s nothing college kids love more than music so loud we can’t hear our parents tell us how disappointed they are in us. Hell, for $500 a week we’d even listen to what our parents had to say. Plus, this would be the best all star team to make since Little League.


5.) Work from home:

Okay, this seems like the job everyone needs. You make an unlimited amount of money, you choose what type of employment you want AND you can do it all from your phone. Sounds too good to be true. How has everyone not taken advantage of this yet? 


4.) Become a male model:

All great models have to start somewhere. The best of the best all started on Craigslist from the Aztec Clothing Company. They have a wonderful photographer who studied under Andrés Serrano. Something tells us this shoot will have a lot to do with their summer underwear line. This should be a pretty good gig though due to the good pay, since you can’t find any better jobs without your degree.


3.) Have fun:

While this advertisement is slightly vague, it could be a great place to work. The requirements seem pretty simple: the ability to read and do so in an excited tone. Seems easy enough for us. The vey-key-shuhn packages seem great, it’s just a little confusing why anyone would want to get out of Johnson City, Tennessee.


2.) Become a user of methamphetamine:

Finally, there’s an opportunity close to home. Even if you don’t already smoke meth, it wouldn’t be that hard to get started in this lucrative career path. This is Kentucky, home of bluegrass, The Kentucky Derby and meth. There’s no part of the state you can be in without there being a meth lab within 10 miles. There are also lots of benefits to using meth that it’s almost worth it even without the job. It’s a great weight loss program, you’ll save a bunch of money on food and it’s a pretty solid cure to alcoholism.


1.) Drive a dump truck:

Every kid’s childhood dream finally has the opportunity to make that dream a reality. Who didn’t want to drive a dump truck when they were six? The smells, the co-workers, the occasional Saturday shift, what’s not to love? The only problem is a CDL class A or B license can be tough to get, good thing you’ve got all that Photoshop practice from forging your transcripts.

There are tons of ways to make enough money for you to drink every day of the week and twice on Saturdays. Craigslist is a great place to find these job opportunities. These might not be an ideal career path, but they are however an ideal way to not have to drink another cheap Four Loko.

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