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Should You Stay or Should You Go, To Class?

Even college students today know the 1982 hit by The Clash. Either you played it on Rock Band in middle school, or you heard it on Netflix while binge watching Stranger Things. No matter the case, Kentucky students look to these wise words for guidance today, on their first day of class. To stay in bed or to sit through the bullshit? Here’s a list of reasons to help make your decision a little easier.      

Stay: Online syllabi
It’s 2017, everything is digital now. You can check Canvas to find tons of files from your classes. You will be able to see your syllabus to check the attendance policy, how many tests there are, and the class schedule. Let’s be honest, that’s all you look at the syllabus for anyway.

Go: Picking a seat for the semester
Your pseudo assigned seat for the rest of the semester will be determined before you do anything else in the class. Getting a good seat can have a significant impact on your attitude in the class. A prime seat in a class will give you ideal texting coverage from the professor, the ability to cheat off someone who looks like they know what they’re doing, and/or the chance to sit next to someone hot and get yourself a new “study buddy.”

Stay: Extra sleep
We’ve been on break for a while now. We all regularly stayed up late watching HBO into the wee hours of the morn, then sleeping in past noon. It is hard to get out of that rhythm after you’ve been doing it for a three-month-plus long break. Syllabus week is the perfect opportunity to get your sleep schedule back on track. You can wake up at the time you need to, log in to your computer, look at your syllabus and say, “I can totally be fine if I don’t go today, all we’re doing is ice-breakers.” This will be good practice for next week when you actually have to get up.

Go: Helping yourself not look (as) stupid
Say you were to skip the first day, you might be confused on the first day you decide to show up. Your classmates all know the routine already, and you are already struggling to keep up. Why is everyone moving seats? We’re we all supposed to wear these matching shirts today? It’s best not to say anything to the professor and just pretend like you know what’s going on.

Stay: Peer pressure
All your friends just got back from summer break with their families. Chances are, they’re back with guns a blazin’ and ready to party. They’ll be trying to convince you that, “Syllabus week is for the boys!” You know they make a good argument so it’s best to just give in and go out!

Go: Dat cash money
Tuition for a semester at UK ain’t cheap. Do the math and it comes down to every class equivalating to a week’s worth of hearty meals at McDonald’s. By not going to class, you’re flushing an opportunity to be satisfied with greasy meat and fries right down the drain.   

To stay or to go? That is the question. The Clash asked it once, not many years ago, and we still seek the answer today, as we sit around in our dorm rooms without pants and skip our first day of classes until we figure it out.


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