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Definitive List of Things You’ll See As a UK Student On Spring Break


Nothing’s better than the thought of spring break and endless partying. However, the truth is… midterms aren’t over yet. Sadly most college students are spending most of this week studying, which is what you should probably be doing right now. Making it through this week should definitely be rewarded. Use it as an excuse to drink twice as much of your body weight once you’re on the beach next week. So if you’re planning on going somewhere for spring break next week, here’s what you’ll be most likely to spot.


5.) Yeti Posts:
Whether or not you actually go somewhere, you’re bound to see something sitting on a cooler. No we’re not talking about beer in a cozy here, I mean the endless pictures of girls and even goats posing on a Yeti. Pages like Old Row are to praise for this trend.


4.) Drinking on the Beach:
There’s always that one person that can’t handle the hype and ends up drunk on the beach. The beach is easily one of the best places to be, but that doesn’t mean you should spend the whole time there being belligerent. Especially since you’re likely to forget to wear sunscreen and spend the next few days being miserable and blistered.


3.) Flags:
When people see flags standing for whatever fraternity or school claiming their spot, people flock. Seeing these are pretty much a go to especially since the groupies should be around. That doesn’t mean stick to one spot but rather stumble around and see who or what ever else you can find. Who knows, you might make some friends from other schools and collaborate on beach parties.


2.) Beer Bongs/Funnels:
Now there will probably be a record amount of alcohol being drank already, but to go with that is the exciting ways to actually drink. You’ll see almost as many of these as you do cans laying around. Don’t limit yourself though. Might as well take up the chance to do a beer luge off of somebody else since you’ll probably have to pay for it by a hangover in the morning.


1.) Missed Calls:
If you’re parents care about you at all, they’ll eventually call hoping you haven’t gotten drunk enough to jump from a hotel balcony. However, if it’s your significant other, everyone reading this would probably pray for you. Either way having missed calls shows that you’re busy and there to actually have a good time, or you’ve already lost or broken your phone.


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