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10 Ways to Pass the Time at UK If You’re a GDI


If you’re not one of the “25%” of UK’s population who goes greek, you might find yourself bored and wishing you had fun stuff to do in your free time. Being a GDI has its perks, though, and here’s a list of the top 10 things to do on campus at UK when you are one!


10.) Read a Chapter of a Book in Willy T:
If you have a friend at UK involved in greek life, you probably hear them talk about chapter meeting every week. What is it? We don’t know… Maybe it’s just an entire sorority getting together regularly to read a chapter of a book. No wonder they have one every week, it would take forever to get through a book only reading one chapter at a time.


9.) Have Your Own Social at Woodland Glen:
Again, the presumption here is that a greek social is UK’s Greek students just getting together but instead of talking about a book, they just talk about each other. So just gather up everyone on your floor at the dorm and go to a commons area. Talk about how none of you all are apart of greek life, and maybe order some greek food.


8.) Be Philanthropic on Campus:
Philanthropy is a huge part of greek life at UK. Since you’re not able to be a part of that, be a humble hero across campus. If someone drops their books down three flights of stairs, scramble down the stairs and pick them up for them. Unless it’s in Whitehall. Then just tell the person that they should just leave them down there. It’s not worth it, those stairs go on forever.


7.) Create Your Own Fake Greek Organization
Make it Gamma Delta Iota because it spells out GDI and that’s exactly what you are. That way, you feel like you’re apart of the greek life without breaking the bank. You can have chapter meetings in Bowman’s during the lunch rush so that it looks like everyone sitting at your table is actually at your “chapter meeting”.


6.) Befriend a Greek UK Student:
Not a sorority girl or a frat guy, but an actual human who is from Greece. Maybe head over to the international building and ask around on where to find one.


5.) Start a Band:
Who needs Greek life, right? Feel a part of campus, and a part of Kentucky, by starting your own Bluegrass band here at UK. Go the extra mile and hold charity concerts in the quad outside Whitehall. And who will their sponsor be? Your fake Greek organization, GDI.


4.) Throw a Mixer:
We’re not too sure what this is, but in the ABC Family show Greek, it looked like an amazing reason to have a PARTY. Since you don’t have an on-campus house to throw it in, Taco Bell at The 90 will have to suffice.


3.) You Could Always, Like, Study?
It’s not ideal, but if you don’t have the time to start a fake greek organization or an on-campus Bluegrass band to make up for the fact that you’re a GDI, then maybe you should spend an extra hour studying at Einstein’s trying not to fail organic chemistry.


2.) Become an RA:
Since you aren’t greek and can’t have your very own sorority house mom, you can make up for it by becoming a house mom of the dorms. Start by taking care of the wild children on the fourth floor at Blazer Hall.


1.) Give Up on Being a GDI:
If you’re not sure of what to do with all of your extra free time being a god damn independent other than study and roll around in the grass, follow the advice of Shia LeBouf. Just do it. Join Greek life, it won’t be the worst thing you do in your four years here.




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