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9 Unconventional Places to Study for Finals on UK’s Campus


The trees are more vibrant, the bees are singing, and the students are crying. Finals are only two weeks away, but do not be alarmed. There are so many places study on UK’s campus that you’ll be wondering which to go to first.



9.) All the Alleyways Between Classroom Buildings:
Once the sun is out of sight, those alleyways are yours. We can promise you that you won’t see a single person in sight. We cannot promise you that you won’t feel like you’re in The Shining for a little while.


8.) The Johnson Center:
It’s open ’til midnight, so if you’re feeling crammed with homework and you can’t seem to get any peace and quiet, take your laptop to the Johnson Center and do a couple miles on the elliptical while you write a paper for your English class. And bring a towel, your laptop will get destroyed by sweat if you don’t.


7.) Anywhere With an Outlet:
That’s all you really need. But competition gets fierce this close to finals week. If you have to settle for Taco Bell from The 90, just make yourself cozy and buy a loco cheese nacho Dorito thing and get crackin’ on studying for your first final.


8.) The Gatton Building:
If you study in the glass dome that overlooks South Lime, you’ll feel like you’re basically outside. But actually studying outside? Like, during the day? It’s in your best interest to take a pass on that, especially if pollen and you don’t get along very well.


7.) At a party!
A tequila shot in one hand, your laptop in the other. Easy.


6.) Bowman’s at Opening Hours:
When you go to Bowman’s right when they open, it’s serene but it also feels sort of like a slow day at the DMV. There are a few scattered students and they all look like they haven’t slept in four days. Join the fun.


5.) The Willy T. Starbucks:
This is a great option for those who still have $200 worth of flex to spend. Study for a few hours in there, drink $30 worth of coffee, and enjoy the warm ambience and the sight of sleep-deprived, caffeinated students. Maybe even try one of those new Unicorn Frappuccino things.


4.) The Rainbow Chairs Around Campus:
During the cold winter months, these chairs just wait for a butt to sit in them. On a nice day, there’s not an empty one to be found. This might not an ideal option if you and pollen hate each other, but if not then go nuts. You can study for finals while you people watch for hours. It’s like bird watching, but better.


3.) Under the Covers of Your Bed in Your Dorm Room:
That way, if you are stress weeping while studying, your roommate will never know. Just pull up those covers over your head and let it all out!


2.) Commonwealth Stadium:
The most distractions you’ll get is a car driving by that’s jamming out to Beyoncé. Walk right in and make the perfect studying spot out on the 40-yard line. Who knows, maybe your hard work studying might transfer to the football team for some hard work on the turf!


1. The Mini Dog Park Next to The Slone Building:
Even if you just study outside the fence, being close to dogs has scientifically proven to help UK students pass their finals. What’s more stress relieving than watching some fluffy service pups running around with their friends? Nothing at all!




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