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Top 10 Things to Do on Your Last Night in Lexington


The last day of classes is both a tragedy and a delight. A tragedy because you know you’ll miss the bathrooms in Whitehall. A delight because you know you won’t. Make your final night at UK one that you will never forget.


10.) Write a Letter to a Professor:
If you were one of those kids that never spoke a word to your professor, this is a way to let them know that you actually existed. It doesn’t even have to be nice. Go Jared Leto on their asses and send them a dead rodent for all we care. Just make it count because they will never see you again!


9.) Renovate Whitehall:
If you’ve had all of your classes in Whitehall since you started at UK, you’re probably over the lackluster decor. Call up Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper, and hope that she’ll assist you sneaking into the building in the dead of night to give it a much needed makeover.


8.) Start a Club:
It’s your last night on campus and you just realized you have nothing to show for it except a 2.5 GPA and parking citations. If you don’t know what kind of club to start, pick three letters at random and make an acronym for your “club.” Then when you’re asked about the club you started at UK called IBS, you can make it whatever you want it to be! Just don’t make it the irritable bowel syndrome club.


7.) Streak!
C’mon. You’ve always thought you’ve had the body of a nude in a Michelangelo painting so just show everyone your true form as you run buck-naked through Willy T.


6.) Spend All the Flex Money You Forgot about:
It’s the last night and there’s still $20 in your flex account. What can that get you as you watch the sun fall across the horizon on your final day in college? An entire bag of Chex Mix at Wildcat Pantry. Go crazy!


5.) Fall Asleep on the Bronze Wildcat in the Wildcat Alumni Plaza:
Who hasn’t thought of doing this? It might as well be as high on your bucket list as wanting to take that picture people take in Italy where they’re trying to hold up the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


4.) Go to a Sports Event:
HAHA. Just kidding. We all know your ass is getting dragged back year after year by your college friends who believe UK basketball is a religion.


3.) Ride a Bike to Class:
The final day has come and you must know what it is like to ride a bike on campus when there’s a class change. Feel the caress of death before you graduate.


2.) Throw a Party:
The last four years have consisted of you trying to get a perfect GPA and remembering what you did on the weekends. So it’s your final night. Buy a bottle of absinthe and have a rager!


1.) Streak AGAIN!
Streaking is so common in college movies that you should make everyone at UK feel like they’re an American Pie sequel.



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