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10 Things That Definitely Happen When Riding the UK Lextran Bus


If you park in K Lot at Commonwealth Stadium, there is a 100% chance that you’re too lazy to walk back and forth from classes. If you don’t feel like having your life hang in the balance every day, you probably aren’t riding your bike to class. So what do you do? You take the magnificent UK buses because they’re free and because POT is, like, all the way over there.


10.) Half of the Swim & Dive Team to Hop on the Bus:
The smell of the summer olympics fills the air and the whole vibe of the bus changes. Suddenly, you can just ~feel~ their upper body strength.


9.) The Competition Gets Fierce as People Pile Up at the Bus Stop:
This is the most stress felt all day. It’s when everyone leaves campus around lunchtime and the stop outside the education building gets hoarded with people like a New York subway station during rush hour. Shit gets real.


8.) It’s Crowded but Some People Just Won’t Give Up the Seat Next to Them:
Okay, if this was New York, that person would definitely be getting punched in the face. But here in Kentucky, we’d probably just stand over that seat and lean against it with a passive aggressive charm until they moved their stuff.


7.) Students Have Very Personal Conversations on the Phone:
There aren’t really any alternatives to a phone call on the campus bus about how Diane was at Intermezzo with a guy who definitely wasn’t her boyfriend. But on the plus side to having to hear that conversation, you get to hear the conversation. If life’s got you down, it’s probably the second best thing to watching reruns of The O.C.


6.) You Manage to See the Same Person On the Bus Every Single Time You Take It:
It’s been three years and with all of the people you’ve seen on the bus, there’s always that one student that’s always there. Have they always been there? Does the person actually live with you? Wait, is it you that’s actually stalking them?


5.) You See a Person You Know but They’re Not in Speaking Distance:
They might as well be in Siberia with as many people between you two as there are on that bus. There’s no chance of communication.


4.) Someone Using the UK Bus System for the First Time:
Such a purifying experience to witness. So young. So naive.


3.) A Group of Friends Gets on the Bus and Totally Aren’t Paying Attention to Anything:
It’s the moment they realize they have to get off at the stop at Commonwealth Stadium, but they just wanted to go 500 feet without walking to the Willy T. Starbucks.


2.) Someone Running for the Bus:
Though it’s great to not have to wait longer than ten minutes for the bus to come, just barely missing the bus feels much like Tom Hanks felt in Cast Away when he lost his volleyball, Wilson. So when you see someone running, you can see all that pain on their face. They have just lost a big, blue friend. That is the bus.


1.) The Driver Misses the Stop:
You have to walk an extra 30 feet? No thanks.



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