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Top 10 Things To Do Between Classes at UK


You just got out of class and you don’t have your next one for a little while. You could go home, but if you do that you will have to walk back to your next class almost as soon as you get there. So what do you do during this weird time between classes?

10.) Finish Your Homework:
This is college. You definitely have homework you should be doing no matter what time it is or how much you’ve already done. This is probably your most productive option, but also your least fun. You have to take the ups with the downs.

9.) Finish My Homework:
Shit, if you really don’t have any homework to do, we have some you could do. You need to use your brain power or you’ll lose it and have to drop out. Don’t worry though, we’ve got your back.

8.) Count How Many Pledges vs. Athletes You See:
If you have @BlackSheep_UK added on Snapchat, you know that one of our favorite hobbies to do is count how many pledges there are on campus. You can do this by the tell-tale sign of a student wearing a suit. But how can you count how many athletes there are? The blue backpacks with the numbers on them of course! The pledges are favored to win based on how many people make them sign them into class and the athletes skipping class.

7.) Sit in The Colorful Chairs:
Everyone has seen the chairs UK has placed around campus. Some are blue, red, yellow, green, but has anyone ever actually sat in one? They look comfortable, and everyone will think you’re super cool if you are sitting in one. Make sure you have a pen ready for autographs.

6.) Take a Nap:
Nobody ever gets enough sleep during college. The sleep lost at night must be made up by napping during the day. UK’s campus is secretly the home to some of the best places to nap on Earth. 

5.) Try to Get Hit by a Car:
If a car actually hits you on campus, it’s (probably) an excused absence for your classes for the rest of the day. Everybody has heard the rumor that if you get hit while you’re on campus that you get your tuition paid for. You would be a hero and the leader of a revolution if you can confirm this.

4.) Watch Malik Monk Highlights:
You have to really commit to this one because it’ll take a while. You need at least a two-hour break between classes to really get everything out of this one. Between his 47-point performance against North Carolina, his 30-point half against Florida or his game against Georgia where he hit 7 threes, you will need some time to watch all of them. What do you expect from someone averaging 21 points on nearly 50 percent shooting? And he just turned 19 this month…

3.) Google “Best Jobs Without a College Degree”:
Your next class sucks. The class you have after that one sucks. The class you just went to sucks. The classes you have tomorrow suck. Why are we here again? It would be so much easier to just not go to any of these lame classes and get a job so you won’t continue to be so broke that you have to have sleep for dinner.

2.) Get Drunk:
Ever known the answer to a question in class but didn’t want to speak in front of everybody just in case you were wrong? Well with alcohol, you will be confident in your answer no matter how wrong you are! It will be so much easier to make friends than ever before too! We’ve never seen a drunk person be too obnoxious around a group of all sober people. You’ll be able to actually retain information will be easier than ever before since you won’t have to worry about your phone distracting you! Chances are, you probably lost it already.

1.) Try to Understand the Boogie to New Orleans Trade:
Here in the BBN, everyone’s heart smiled from artery to vein when he saw that Boogie would be teaming up in the Big Easy with The Brow. But we were equally as confused as happy. Why would Sacramento give up their best player – by a lot – for almost nothing? I guess we shouldn’t question it too much and just enjoy getting to watch the two best big men from UK, and in the NBA, play alongside each other.



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