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Top 10 Ways to Make Life Suck Less This Year at UK



New year, same you. Life can suck sometimes. It can get stressful and boring, and can just all around suck. We here at The Black Sheep decided to create a how-to guide of ways to make the new year suck a little less than it would usually. Take notes!


10.) Stop Being Friends With People Who Annoy You:
Yeah, we said it. It’s 2017, a fresh start. Time to stop hitting up that annoying friend to hang out because they’re 21 and can sneak you into the bar. Trust us, you’ll feel better not forcing yourself to sit through hours of mindless discussions about things that you don’t give a shit about in return for some beer.


9.) Stop Going to Classes That Don’t Take Attendance:
That disgusting 9 a.m. that doesn’t even take attendance? Tell ’em boy, bye. Whats the point of sacrificing that extra hour of sleep when nobody seems to even notice? Exactly. Hit that snooze button all semester long. Make a friend in the class who can give their notes, and it’ll be ok.


8.) Stop Eating Like Today is The Last Day of Your Life:
Stop going out to eat and ordering more food than a human should eat in a day as your meal. It wastes money and makes that spring break goal seem impossible. Buy cheaper food from the legendary Euclid Kroger instead of those 3 a.m. Mad Mush binges.


7.) Stop Waiting until 11 p.m. to Start Your Paper Due at Midnight:
Whether it’s homework, studying, or whatever it is, stop waiting until the last minute. If whatever the task is is started ahead of time, it will be way less stressful and easier to complete.


6.) Stop Paying for Expensive Ubers:
Don’t start drinking and driving, but stop paying for Uber surges on those Friday nights spent bar hopping! Take advantage of the UK Student run transportation system, Kentucky Wildcab. Just showing a student ID gets a free ride anywhere in Lexington on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. They even are accessible to request through the Live Safe app!


5.) Stop Hoarding Shit:
Stop holding onto those clothes you never wear that are taking up room in the closet. That dress you bought Junior year of high school that you just can’t throw away? Do it. Sell your shit on apps like Mercari to make money to buy more shit that you can sell someday. Out with the old, in with the new.


4.) Start Planning Stuff to Look Forward to:
The semester is so long and horrible sometimes, we all just need something to keep us hopeful of the future. Plan stuff with friends at the beginning of the semester so there’s always something happening soon to keep your spirit alive, and make that chem test seem further away than it really is.


3.) Do More Laundry:
Don’t wait until that laundry basket looks like it went out and partied way too hard during syllabus week, do laundry more often. There’s no reason to wait a month to do laundry, do it once a week and it will never become that monstrous pile of clothes that seems like its going to grow legs and run away.


2.) Actually Read the Syllabus:
It’s no secret that syllabus week at UK is a joke, but take some time to actually pay attention to the syllabus and know from the get-go just how many excused absences are allowed and write them all down in your planner so that it’s never a mystery when you wake up at 8:47 a.m. for your 9 a.m. at Whitehall and pretend to have the plague to miss class.


1.) Go Out More:
College is short, and life is going to suck once we all graduate. Go out more. Go to those Basketball and Football games and cheer on the Cats even when we suck. Make lots of memories and try to keep them, and make this semester the best one yet. Have fun and stop worrying about grades so much. Always remember, C’s and D’s get degrees!


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