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Exclusive: 7 Stunning Photos of Middleton In Case You Forgot How Lucky We Are


With all of the new and exciting changes around campus, you may be wondering what the heck happened inside everyone’s favorite building? What rousing new additions were made over the summer?? Whether you’re a clueless novice or a wrinkly fifth year, The Black Sheep is here with 7 stunning photos of the Middleton LSU knows and loves!


7) State of the art dell computers!



Ah yes, ye ole Dell. Who needs an entire room of Macs when you’ve got loyal, fine-wine machines like these? Rumor has it the ones on the second floor now have a boot up start time of around 25 minutes instead of 30, for all of your ‘last minute homework-holy shit it’s due in an hour’ needs!


6.) Retro furniture!


We thought about upgrading all of the ripped up, bodily-stained furniture pieces around the building, but decided the whole musty, mod thing is a real hot look right now. Plus, the tears and holes make great fidget spinner-esque toys.


5.) Great snack selection!


Between the months old packaged chicken salad and constant lack of cold brew-supply, there’s something for everyone in La Middleton Café!


4.) Bathroom stall peep holes!


Your Netflix account isn’t working and you’re in need of some top-notch entertainment…what do ya do? Lucky for all of us, the bathroom stall doors don’t actually lock and can make for one heck of a peep show with all of it’s gaping holes. Addy-poopers ‘n pukers, and dramatic tearful break down seshes, there’s so much to see here, kids!


3.) Fun flooring!



Flooding, vomit, and other strange stains, oh my! Once you get past the fumes and views, the scents somehow set a calmative, soothing effect for all of your impending all-nighters.


2.) Some really moldy books!


Oh, these old things from decades of Louisiana flooding? It’s fine. Who actually reads anymore, anyways?


1.) Tiny study cages!



These dark little igloos make one hell of a safe space. In need of a nap? How about a discreet place to watch your porn? A little vape session, anyone? Once you get past the threatening graffiti and claustrophobia, these teensy porta-potty sized huts make quite the nice substitute for an actual “study room.”


BONUS PHOTO: Some extra help!



The studiers of Middleton-past are really looking out for you!


The answer to all of your crazy questions is absolutely nothing! No worries…If the crumbling walls of Club Mid becomes too much to handle, you could always just join a sports team to use the COX amenities. Or perhaps just give up and go take a dip in the million-dollar lazy river?



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