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Frat Boy’s Father Threatens to Sue JL’s s After “Frinks” Ended 10 Minutes Early


“You have not seen the last of me,” Sophomore Alex Esparza rattled off in response to the bouncers of JL’s shoving him out of the door at 9:50 p.m. on a Thursday night.


As most LSU students know, “frinks” is a sacred tradition in college culture. Many students feel as though they are “being robbed of at least six cranberry and vodkas,” as said by Katie Stine, an LSU Junior.


Esparza, whose dad is a lawyer, believes he was unjustly scammed out of the last ten minutes of “frinks” and plans on taking immediate legal action. Alex’s dad, Harry, has issued a public statement on the matter: “I will not rest until my son gets the watered-down cocktails he deserved. He is a Greek and should be treated as one.”


When asked to comment on whether they would push back with equal legal action, the manager of JL’s commented that “The kid isn’t even twenty-one. He also threw up all over me while reciting the speech from Braveheart while he was being carried out.”


LSU students are splitting down the middle on the issue, some claiming that frinks ending early is a travesty that should not be forgiven; some claiming that it was a blessing in disguise. Students opposed to JL’s have started the hashtag #F*ckFrinks.





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