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LSU Student Activists Attempt to Raise Awareness on Circumcision

As you head back to school, keep an eye out for Free Speech Alley’s newest addition of protestors, “Students Against Circumcision.” Led by local student activists, SAC works to provide counseling for those who were circumcised against their will, often at birth. Their goal this semester is to raise enough money to provide a “much needed foreskin reattachment service” to members of the LSU community, according to student advocate Jeremy Larkin, a senior anthropology major at LSU. 

“We’ve been working very hard over the break to provide the LSU community with more information on how and why circumcision without consent is wrong,” Larkin told The Black Sheep. “We hope that our table in Free Speech Alley will encourage more people to come forward about their experience with forced circumcision.”

SAC was featured in The Reveille as “one of LSU’s most promising student organizations.” In the coming months, SAC hopes to provide up to 100 students with therapy and weekly support group meetings. “No one should have to go through this alone,” Larkin said. “And this foreskin reattachment program could mean a new life for so many people. A life with all of their genitals intact. Think of the impact this could have.”

Jeremy spoke with the resolve and passion of a man with more than just a few genital malformations, and tears were shed among The Black Sheep staff upon hearing SAC’s mission. “We’re repairing people’s penises. We’re repairing people’s lives. One foreskin at a time.”

SAC has received backlash from the local Christian community on campus. Sophomore Brian Olivier spoke for the student chapter at Christ the King Church on the subject. “Penises reflect original sin more so than any other physical feature. A man is judged in the eyes of God by his penis,” Olivier said.

CKC has organized a small committee dedicating to pushing back against the Students Against Circumcision. The members refer to themselves as “The Weenie Whackers.” Many local uncircumcised men have expressed their unease with the organization, especially after they began congregating in Free Speech Alley, just across from the Students Against Circumcision table. 

“I walk with my hands cupped in front of me,” an anonymous student told The Black Sheep. “I can’t help it. The Weenie Whackers are out here with surgical tools and doctor’s masks. And now everyone knows I’m uncircumcised because I have to protect my foreskin at all costs.”

The LSU community expects the tension to only escalate in the coming months. But due to the hilarity of the situation, administrators have elected to remain silent on the subject. Protect your penises, Tigers.

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