Where Are You at LSU?

author-pic at Louisiana State University  

How close do you pay attention to your surroundings when you’re frolicking to class? Depends on the level of hungover-ness, right? Let’s see about that. Take a gandy gander at these photos, then geaux ahead and try to guess where you are at LSU. (Answers are below.)



This place is one of the best in the world, and if you miss this one, we’re revoking your Tiger Card.



If you know this place, you probably follow the news. And if you’ve ever used this hole, you legit need to get some immediate help. Name the hall of this location.



A place where you go to study and use computers when everything else is taken. You might have a lot of issues if you do end up here. Good luck with life!



Chances are you have been here many times. Get ready for a roller coaster ride if you are engineering major, and if not, then we all know you’re just there to meet cute chicks.  



You will probably know him by his name now if you are a responsible student who cares about his or her future. Chances are, you are going to do great things in life after that internship of yours. Suck up.



You honestly can’t say you have been to LSU if you don’t know what this logo represents. Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays are why you pay tuition here.



You’ve probably seen this a million times. When in Baton Rouge, the roads all lead to LSU.



At the heart of this place, the spirit of the school lives on.






Answer: Leonard Fournette killing it against Auburn. You are in TIGER STADIUM FOLKS!



Answer: Tureaud Hall. Hopefully you only use this building to get a college education…  



Answer: Ummmm…did you get drunk or wasted last night? Do you still have all your teeth left? BECAUSE YOU ARE BEHIND ENEMY LINES! GET OUT OF HERE ASAP. YOU ARE IN ALABAMA. YOU ARE IN ROLL TIDE TERRITORY. God Damn Tuscaloosa…



Answer: Cox Auditorium. A place where engineering majors takes their tests at night and for sororities to have a group sesh during the day. P.S. We all know y’all are just watching Mean Girls with your sisters.



Answer: That’s the LSU Olinde Career Center. A really studious place (or so they say) if you want to be important one day.



Answer: REGGIES! TIGERLAND! Your best memories that you won’t remember.



Answer: Tiger Trails Bus. Shout out to all the bus drivers who have their patience tested on Friday nights…and who are there for all of us when we do decide to make our 8 a.m. class. You complete us.



Answer: Mike’s Habitat. #MiketheTigerForPresident! He has the best chance of being the GOP nominee.

If you got 0 right:

You don’t belong in Louisiana. Go back to Mississippi because nobody wishes the worst upon you…Alabama.

If you got 1 right:

You don’t deserve to be a Tiger. You are better off as a Raging Cajun at ULL.

If you got 2 right:

Go back to your University Laboratory School. You are not ready for Tiger duties.

If you got 3 right:

You are probably here for Spring Invitational right now who happened to end up looking at this article.

If you got 4 right: 

Do you live in Herget?

If you got 5 right:

You were probably in Laville at one point in time .

If you got 6 right:

You’re an upperclassmen who’s going to graduate with a nice high paying job. You belong here.

If you got 7 right:

You are literally a professor! You have been around at LSU long enough to know where all the cool kids go and your score represents it.

If you got 8 right:

You probably have an IQ of 180 or higher and need to do something better with your life than attend college. But congrats, you know LSU! You’re the real Tiger everyone wishes they were.