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10 Places Terps Go To Eat Even Though They Have a Dining Plan

To put it simply, UMD’s diner food is trash. Under no circumstances should Dining Services be allowed to call a bug-covered salad bar or raw chicken “food,” and it’s definitely not worth the thousands of dollars a semester either. Fortunately for all of us, both UMD and the city of College Park offer many alternatives to feed the hungry Terps avoiding the Diner at all costs.

10.) McDonalds:
$5 for two McChickens, fries and a drink; are you kidding me? Who cares if the Russian government is planning on labeling McDonalds as a ‘Foreign agent hell-bent on damaging people’s health’? It’s filling, doesn’t break the bank and has two convenient locations: in Stamp and across from The View.

9.) Pizza Kingdom:
Pizza Kingdom doesn’t have good pizza…at all. But, statistically speaking, at least 69% of the people suffering in lecture with you right now have been to Pizza Kingdom for some reason. It’s a phenomena no one can explain; there are plenty of better pizza options, but every damn night that pizzeria is filled to the brim with starving drunk people.

8.) Subway:
Subway is a business that succeeds against overwhelming odds. They don’t even have the goddamn $5 footlongs any more. Deep down, you know that the sandwich you’re buying isn’t worth it, but still, you gotta eat fresh.

7.) Panda Express:
We at UMD love ethnic food, and Panda Express provides us with that authentic Asian style cuisine. Where else at UMD can you afford to buy affordable and authentic Asian food? *cough, cough* Shanghai Café?

6.) Potbelly Sandwich Shop:
Potbelly is for when you want to treat yourself to a quality sandwich and you’re willing to shell out a little more for it. Of course, it’s still overpriced, but somehow you feel better about it than Subway or Jimmy John’s.

5.) The Common Shop/Incon/24-Shop:
Is the food sold at a reasonable price? No. Is it closer than Target and 7-Eleven? Yup.

4.) Taco Bell:
UMD offers such a diverse range of food to choose from, and Taco Bell provides us with that authentic Mexican style cuisine that we need. Is Taco Bell delicious? No, but it’s the most bang for your buck, if you don’t mind shitting yourself three hours later.

3) Five Guys:
The presentation is terrible; it comes in a greasy, generic brown bag. One bite probably increases your chances of diabetes by 300%. But damn, do they sell quality burgers.

2.) Chipotle:
Chipotle provides us with a more expensive version of that authentic Mexican cuisine. It’s delicious, and that’s all that really has to be said about it. Will it break your bank account if you go four times a week? Absolutely. But what’s life if you can’t stuff your face with a burrito four times a week?

1.) Lotsa:
Just kidding. No one goes to Lotsa.

1.) Blaze:
Blaze is the best pizza option within walking distance of the campus. You can literally put all of the toppings on your pie, and you’ll still get charged a set price. Seriously, this shit is worth every penny. Also, their lemonade is dope as fuck.


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