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5 Scariest Costumes To Really Spook Your UMD Friends


As you gear up for this multiday Halloweekend, you may need some inspiration for some costumes that will really scare your friends. The Black Sheep has compiled our top picks for costumes to frighten your fellow Terps this weekend, with instructions on how to make each one. 


5.) The new, jacked Testudo:



No one likes the new creepy Testudo. We’re not really sure why UMD’s marketing team decided to turn the cute, lovable Testudo into a grimy, muscled monster. Why do they keep trying to make him look intimidating? He’s a damn turtle. Just let him be his non-threatening self. If you want to trigger your friends about our football team losing again, this is the costume for you. All it takes is a shell and an absurd amount of muscles. Oh, and scales. 5/10 on the Spooky Scale.


4.) UMD Alerts:



Ah that dreaded UMD email. These are a staple of UMD life and they really keep you updated on all of the wonderful things that happen around this  What will it be this time? Armed robbery? A Flasher? A comeback of the campus cuddler? It’s like a new present every time you open one. A costume like this is a universal scare for all to enjoy. Pick your favorite one and match the description. Bonus points if you become the campus cuddler and you jump into bed with all of your friends. 6/10 on the Spooky Scale.


3.) Differential tuition:



We’re sure you’ve all heard of this scam of a policy at our illustrious university. If you’re a STEM major or business major, congratulations! You get to pay more just because you picked a practical major. RIP to all of your money. This costume will be especially scary for business, compsci, and engineering majors, but honestly it’s a fun time for all. Simply print out a pic of the difference in tuition by major and you’ll be golden. Guaranteed spooks. 7/10 on the Spooky Scale.



2.) A parking ticket from DOTS:


We have no idea how DOTS and their parking ninjas manage to slip tickets on everyone’s car as they walk from their door to the meter, but somehow they do. Everyone is terrified of these sneaky troublemakers, and anyone with a car on campus lives in constant fear of being towed. This would be excellent for some jump scares on your Halloween outings. Just gather up all of the tickets they’ve bombarded you with and tape them to a shirt. It’s easy and terrifying, what more could you need? 8.5/10 on the Spooky Scale.


1.) The job market:



This is everyone’s worst nightmare. Eventually, you will have to become a real adult and pay real bills. That means you need a real job, and boy, are those hard to find. Walk into a job fair and immediately, people will be rejecting you from jobs you didn’t even ask about yet. Everyone will be running from you in terror in an attempt to get away from adult life. The best part is, this is the easiest costume too. All you have to do is walk around in a suit and tell people “Sorry, you don’t have enough experience for this entry level position.” 10/10 on the Spooky Scale.




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