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7 Reasons Why Your TA is Targeting You In Discussion

So you went to discussion and your TA won’t stop pointing you out. Total bullshit right? Of course it is, and The Black Sheep has compiled perhaps the best reasons as to why your TA is singling you out. To be fair, these reasons may or may not cause irrational bowel syndrome and it may or may not affect your discussion section. Either way, we fucking warned you.

7.) They like you as a friend:
You’re definitely one snazzy person and even your TA can tell. You probably sit in the back of class and your TA is probably chomping at the bit to talk to you. So what do you expect? He or she asks you to start with class introductions by asking you for your name, major, a fun fact and how available you are tomorrow night. Wait a minute…

6.) They have a crush on you:
How available are you tomorrow night? They really are out for you. But this time, they want to take you out. They definitely saw your Tinder profile and would much rather slide in face to face over an app. Do you blame them? You’re a #smokeshow. But they’re your TA, so like, hard pass.

5.) They think you’re their parent:
Oh daddy/mamí. But like, actually. You resemble more of a parental figure than a student to your TA. WTF are you supposed to do when they start asking how you’ve been or why you left mom twenty-two years ago. You should probably just ground them or threaten to bring the belt out if they don’t give you all As.

4.) They fucking hate you:
Well, your worst nightmare has come true. They actually hate you and they’re making it known. It probably should’ve been more obvious when they asked why you haven’t jumped off a bridge yet, or when they explicitly told you they were going to fail you. At this point, just switch TAs, dude.

3.) They think you’re in the Illuminati:
Hail the dark lord and Jay-Z. Your TA really believes you’re a member of the greatest secret society ever. How does it feel to be looked at like you’re the world’s elite? Tell them if they don’t pass you, you’ll banish their soul to the shadow realm. Look at it like you’re speaking the truth and not just coercing them. Who knows? Maybe the Illuminati will actually bring you in.

2.) They think you’re the fourth member of the Migos:
Dude, your TA is your biggest fan. They are positive Migos has a fourth member soon to reveal themselves and you’re that one. Definitely keep telling them to call you “$hatter” and sprinkle in random dates around the classroom. They’ll flip their shit and you’ll be a superstar in your own right.

1.) They aren’t targeting you at all:
They just aren’t coming for you. We don’t know why you think they’re out to get you, maybe you’ve had bad experiences with other TAs but they aren’t coming for you. Try talking to them like a normal human being and tell them how you feel. They might actually stop doing whatever it is they do. Either way, just stop being the paranoid weirdo that you are.

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