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The 8 Best UMD-Themed Halloween Pranks


There are three types of people on Halloween: the people that go out, the people that do not, and the people who just want to fuck with people. We here at The Black Sheep are all about spreading Halloween fright, so we’re giving you our top eight favorite Halloween pranks you can pull on campus that are guaranteed to make you lose at least three friends by the end of the day.


8.) The haunting of McKeldin Library:
You know what the Testudo statue needs? A spooky upgrade. First, you’ll need red chalk (or red paint if you’re feeling risky), some thicc ass candles, and fake blood (ketchup from the diner works too). Draw a pentagram around Testudo and place lit candles around it. Then, splatter some of the fake blood around Testudo and the pentagram. Come next morning, everyone will be wondering if they sacrificed their midterm grades to Satan instead of Testudo.


7.) What, too scared to eat?
This prank should only be done at peak pregame-with-protein hours at the diner. Scan your hand on the hand scanner, and after it lets you in, discreetly place some tape over the actual scanning part of the scanner. No one will be able to get food, and it’ll take them forever to notice the actual problem.


6.) Penny-Loh:
To celebrate both the release of IT and Halloween, The Black Sheep created a variation of the currently famous Pennywise Prank You’ll need a suit and a turtle pin from Loh. You’ll need to dress as Wally (bonus points to you if you’re of some kind of Asian descent). To perform this prank, walk around offering people the pin. After you’ve lured them in, steal their soul.


5.) Drug bust gone spooky:
This prank only works if you have access to the dorms on North Campus. First, you need to dress as a cop (not a sexy cop this time). Wait until night falls, and walk around the dorm of your choice. Start knocking on doors, and hopefully you’ll catch some kids spending their Halloween hashing. When they look out their peephole, they’ll begin to lose their shit. Bonus points if you bring a dog to sniff around the floor.


4.) Fuck Duke:
This prank is most effective on drunk roommates. First, you’ll have to convince your heavily intoxicated roommate to put on a Duke hoodie or sweatshirt), then send him to a place full of strong opinions about Duke. Wait for the UMD Alert about him. Don’t worry, he’ll be mostly okay.


3.) Wait, there’s a project due tomorrow?
One way to give your entire section a heart attack is by making them think they forgot to do a project. Through ELMS, send a message to the entire class asking them something really specific about a fake project. For example: Hey guys, for the anthropology diorama, do we need to include an annotated bibliography along with that 3-page paper? The best part is that there’s bound to be at least one person that falls for it. For maximum convincingness, try to get a TA or even the professor in on it and ask them to send the message to the class.


2.) Hey, want to play a game?
The target of this prank is that poor sucker who has an online assignment due at midnight on Halloween. Find a partner to distract your target for at least half an hour, and, while they’re distracted, take their laptop and hide it. Leave a series of incredibly hard riddles for them to figure out, with the last one leading them to their hidden laptop. The prank can be played in easy mode, where you’ll give the laptop back at fifteen minutes before the due date, regardless of whether they find it or not, or challenge mode, where you don’t intervene; even if it’s 11:58 p.m. and your target is crying.


1.) Point of death:
The point of failure is scary enough by itself. Even super-super seniors refuse to step on it, despite the fact that they already aren’t graduating on time. Now, if you want to give the point of failure a spooky upgrade, you’ll need some white chalk, some traffic cones, and police tape. Make a dead body outline over the point and place a perimeter of cones around it. Tie the tape around the cones, and watch everyone’s reaction as they pass by. They’ll definitely twice about even walking around it.



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