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8 Gift Ideas For Terps This Holiday Season

Everyone’s favorite time of year is right around the corner! ‘Tis the season of receiving free shit from all your friends and family! Oh, and it’s about the giving, too. If you’ve got a Terp to shop for this holiday season, this is the best place to look for some inspiration on what to buy them.

8.) A massage from the health center:
If it’s within your budget to get your Terp some much-needed R&R time, it’ll be highly appreciated. A soothing back massage or maybe even acupuncture from the health center will definitely help a Terp unwind after a tough semester, and begin the spring semester feeling refreshed and ready for more of UMD’s bullshit. Happy ending not included.

7.) A Pizza Kingdom gift card:
Terps love to hate Pizza Kingdom, but if you’re ballin’ on a budget, or are just simply too fucked up to care how greasy your pizza is, it’s the perfect place for you. A gift card for Pizza Kingdom would go a long way for a Terp, no matter their B.A.C.

6.) A Snuggie:
A blanket you can walk around in?! What college student DOESN’T need one of these glorious inventions for trekking to class in that 8 a.m. -30° wind chill? Bonus points if you get a Snuggie with Daddy Testudo printed on it.

5.) That $75 hoodie from the bookstore:
The bookstore has some pretty dope UMD gear, but only if you can afford it. And for most of us students, that’s a negatory. So if you’re buying for a Terp this holiday season, consider splurging on a nice bookstore item so they can look fly even when they’re miserable during the new semester.

4.) New bed sheets:
No doubt that from whatever questionable activities you’ve been doing in your bed, your sheets are either torn, stained, or smell permanently like the result of that night you couldn’t make it to the toilet to puke. Yeah, ew. Linens are always a safe bet to give a college kid, especially to a messy-ass Terp.

3.) A Pizza Pouch:
This gift will help your Terp keep their favorite item close to their heart. Works great paired with gift idea #7. Perfect for busy Terps who need to eat lunch between classes, but don’t have time to stop at Hell’s Kitche- we mean, the North Campus Diner.

2.) A case of Pedialyte:
Seems like a strange request, but any college student can testify to Pedialyte’s magical abilities to zap away a hangover in a couple of hours. Especially during flu, or midterm season, or the morning after a happy hour blackout, the electrolyte boost will do a Terp’s immune system a large favor. Pedialyte is truly the most bang for your buck during the holidays.

1.) Coffee, of all kinds, in all ways:
The gift that keeps on giving, especially to the 8 a.m. professors, whose lectures, without coffee, would turn into naptime. From K-cups to loose beans, and even to prepackaged Starbucks espresso shots, there is yet to be a coffee that is not worshipped by sleepy Terps everywhere.


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