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Maryland vs. Georgetown: Rivalry Renewed or Football Reminiscent?


If you watched the Maryland v. Georgetown game on Tuesday, or were one of the few, the proud, to actually receive a ticket (or illegally bought one from jerks who sell tickets that they got for free), then you know that the Maryland men’s basketball team was not exactly on it’s “A” game. Here are some important things that happened during the game that may have had you confusedly thinking it was actually Maryland Football you were watching:


Georgetown scored three times before Maryland put any points up:





Georgetown managed to run the score up to 9-0 in the first quarter before Maryland decided that it was time to start playing. This isn’t far off from what our football team has been doing this season. It seems like neither team has ever heard of the phrase “score early; score often” but that’s okay, because, unlike the football team, the basketball team scored eventually.


The ridiculous amounts of turnovers and “fumbles”:




The endless amounts of missed passes, rebounds, and handling of the ball had us oddly reminiscent of football season in terms of our guys not really knowing what to do with the object flying toward them. However, more often than not, our basketball team did manage to catch the ball and get it down the court, which is more than can be said for our football teams whose drives last almost as long as a virgin freshman during his first time– not very long.


Maryland was behind during the majority of the game:




This came as a surprise to most of the Maryland fans. The score was tied 33-33 at the half, but Maryland had been trailing, and continued to trail for the majority of the game, not really securing a lead until the last two minutes. However, unlike the football team, Maryland men’s basketball shut it down in crunch time, with Melo Trimble sealing the Hoyas’ fate making two free throws (pretty much the only two he made all night) with 3.9 seconds left on the clock, making the score 75-71 and making it impossible for Georgetown to catch up in the limited time left.


The number of bullshit calls by the referee (who clearly took his reffing class at Georgetown):




Just like in Football season, it seems like Maryland just couldn’t catch a break with the number of bad calls that were being made during the game. Fouls left and right without any explanation? Seems reasonable. One of the many great things about the Maryland student section is that we are not afraid to call you out on your bullshitter ways.


Although Maryland basketball may not have shone quite as brightly as we had hoped, at the end of the day they got the job done, which is the main difference between basketball and football: we actually win. However some of us still hold how for one last hoorah for football during our last home game of the season this Saturday against Indiana. Hope to see you diehards out there!

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