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MilkBoy ArtHouse in College Park To Serve New Milk Cocktails

After a recent increase in sales and popularity throughout the town, the latest bar to pop up in College Park has made a decision to live up to their name. MilkBoy ArtHouse’s new cocktail menu has leaked to The Black Sheep and contains only milk-inspired options.

Before the change, MilkBoy ArtHouse was known for their indie venue, variety of extravagant drinks and equally extravagant food options. Now, MilkBoy is turning these choices into dairy only options.

Choices like the “Rotten Russian” shot will contain milk and vodka, while the “Stinky Lil’ Santa” will be full sized and contain eggnog with bourbon. Along with these drink options comes several options of milkshakes as desserts.

The “Chunky Fucker” will contain chocolate ice cream, cookie chunks and whiskey, and the “Bourbonana Split” will have Neapolitan ice cream, banana puree, chocolate syrup and bourbon, hence the name.

“Honestly, I fuck with the vision, bro,” junior Tanner Fuchs said about the recent change. “But they should totally go and change their name to ‘MilkyMilk BoyBoi’ because of like, milk and shit.”

The Black Sheep asked Mr. Fuchs which drink on the list enticed him the most, to which he replied “the one with the milk in it.”

We visited and spoke with frequent MilkBoy visitor, senior studio art major Sierra Kelly, on how she felt about the upcoming changes.

“Milk is like, a weird choice to throw into drinks but milk’s good and so is alcohol so I mean, go for it I guess,” she said.

When asked about her perfect dairy cocktail, Ms. Kelly requested a cocktail “with extra alcohol and more tolerance for dairy in it, ‘cuz I don’t fuck with that lactose shit.”


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