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Ritchie Coliseum Officially Named “More Frat” Than Frat Row

University of Maryland’s very own Ritchie Coliseum has been ranked first among six different locations in a recent class survey of the frattiest places in College Park. Ritchie Coliseum, located on Baltimore Avenue, is coincidentally located directly next to Frat Row. The location allows for all of Greek life to combine and participate in exercise so close to home.

“Every day is arm day, baby,” an anonymous frat brother states. “I gotta keep the guns poppin’ for the goddamn socials. All the sorority jawns and freshmen give me the looks!”

In a quick interview with another anonymous frat brother, he said he “practically sleeps at Ritchie,” and he has to “make that chest fuckin’ pop on the daily.”

“I see more dudes in Greek social cutoffs throughout the weight room than I’ve seen anywhere else on campus,” junior Tanner Fuchs tells The Black Sheep. “It’s like I go in the weight room, and not only is every bench taken, but the entire room smells like Natty Light and sweat. I just wanna do chest and tri’s, man!”

“Like honestly, the ratio here is even,” rushing sophomore Carl James says. “Like for every frat bro in the weight room, there’s one chick in the cardio room and another doing core or something. Most definitely 2:1 at all times.”

The rankings of “Most Frat” are said to be as follows:

1) Ritchie Coliseum
2) Frat Row
3) The IFC Tailgate on game day
4) RJ Bentley’s
5) Fishbowl Fridays at Turf

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