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A Terp’s 7 Best Date Options On Valentine’s Day

So you and your sweetheart made plans for a night on the town on Valentine’s Day this year. You’ve had some ideas and they’ve had some ideas, but The Black Sheep has better ideas. Show them around campus or take them to some Route 1 spots, but either way, make sure you show them how much you care or how bad you want to get in their pants. Regardless, here’s photo evidence of some of our favorites.

7.) Stamp Food Court:

So many cheap but good options to take your lover to, Stamp’s food court is the premier option for cheap eats as a Terp. With ten options spanning from McDonald’s to Hibachi San, your Valentine get realistically order their dream fast food meal all at your expense. I mean shit, why not get a gyro from Moby Dick and fill it with Chick-fil-A waffle fries? Eat your heart out, baby.

6.) Hornbake Plaza:

What a secluded and wonderful spot to drink some coffee with bae. If your counterpart doesn’t know history so well, give them a free lecture on about Frederick Douglass’ statue and the meaning behind the quotes. Who knows? Maybe they’ll fall more in love with you because of your knowledge or Wallace Loh himself will offer you a contract to give lectures about random shit you know. Either way, soak in the sights with him/her/they and be happy.

5.) McKeldin Library’s Study Carrels:

Maybe one of you have a quiz the next day or the both of you have some work to do, but you both should definitely give the study bunkers or the carrels a go. There’s no need to dress up or pay for anything at this spot, just you two and either a room or a bunker to hangout at. Just sit, study and enjoy each other’s presence in absolute silence. Or fuck in a carrel, but we don’t recommend that…

4.) The Chapel Garden:

We prefer this one more than actually going into the chapel because the garden is pretty cute and so is your date. Sit on one of the benches and watch each passerby with your person or read and contribute to the notebooks. Maybe even walk the labyrinth to give each other a little piece of serenity while you both walk. Anyway, just sit back and relax.

3.) Target:

What a curveball right? Anyway, go check out the ridiculous convenience prices at the Target under the Landmark for some amusement. Even grab a box of condoms for after you both actually go out and do things. Stroll through the Tide Pod section for some treats (visual treats, that is). Definitely just make a cute trip out of it and you’ll enjoy yourselves.

2.) Café Hookah:

Smoke hookah at Café Hookah! Change it up; instead of seeing the sights or eating food, go smoke a little bit of flavors and relax. Really, you could hangout then go to Marathon Deli, Krazi Kebob/Burrito, Insomnia Cookies or Pizza Kingdom all literally next door. Café Hookah would just be a decent change of pace, so give it a chance.

1.) Cornerstone:

Obviously Cornerstone is going to be on the list. Not only are the food and drinks good but this year, but Valentine’s Day just so happens to land on a Wednesday. For all of you drinkers, you already know what this means: CHEAP RAIL DRINKS BABY. Take your sweetheart out for a couple of cheap drinks then go back to your place and use the condoms you bought at Target earlier. As long as it’s consensual, get drunk and love each other. Have a damn good Valentine’s Day, you lover.


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