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UMD Frats Spend All Night Crafting To Prepare for Big-Little Reveal


GDIs, beware: fraternity big-little reveal is finally here. Your fratty friends have spent the last few weeks going to Eppley, drinking more than a few beers, and eating an unhealthy amount of wings in order to find the guy they want to call their best bro for life. The Black Sheep decided to venture down to the Row to talk to a few of these expectant bigs and littles to get an insider scoop.


The bigs are to remain unknown to their littles until the actual day of reveal, but they have to communicate anonymously with their littles somehow.


“My big made me a fake Facebook page,” said freshman Garrett Smith of Delta Alpha Beta. “Their name on there is ‘LittleGarrett DontWannaShareIt,’ and they’re always posting questions and GIFs so they can learn more about me and what I like. It’s kind of cute. Wait, don’t write that I said that.”


“Yeah, we make the Facebook profiles to talk to them, and we also stalk their Instagrams because honestly? We’re kind of obsessed with them,” said senior Brian Lewis of an unnamed fraternity. “I also have my little on Snapchat now, so I have to be really careful about what I put on my story so he doesn’t know anything about what I’m doing for him.”


Bigs also spend hours every night crafting for their littles. We found junior Josh Wilson of Phi Omicron Omicron sitting in front of his chapter house covered in paint and surrounded by mini canvases.


“You know the Natty Light logo? I’m painting that on a canvas for my little,” Wilson told The Black Sheep. “Only instead of ‘Natty,’ it’s gonna say ‘Fratty.’ Pretty cool, right? I also painted this one with our letters on it.”


For most fraternities, the reveal is at the end of this week. “We’ve got costumes ready for our littles,” said Wilson, “and we’re just really excited to take a million pictures with them and start our best bro-ship forever.”


Some of the expectant littles have also been receiving gifts from their bigs right in their rooms. Sophomore Kyle Johnson of Nu Omicron Omega came home from class to pleasantly discover a decorated door and room.


“I couldn’t even believe all the effort my big put into my room,” he said. “He put up a poster on my door that said ‘best bros forever,’ and he made me one of those candy posters too.”


Freshman Nathan Williams, also of Nu Omicron Omega, was also the lucky recipient of a decorated room.


“My big gave me a few of his old, torn up workout shirts from various events. I think he’s really into going to the gym and making gains. I hope I’m half the bro he is someday,” he said, wiping away a manly tear. “Wait, don’t print that I was crying.”



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