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5 Ways to Finesse Free Parking at UMD

If you have anyone in your life that cares about you (unlikely), they’ve probably tried to come visit you at school. When you realize that you don’t even have the $1.50 to pay for their parking, or that they don’t have a Valid Campus License Plate™, you’ll probably need to refer to this guide to lead you to spot in a free lot! Useful for when your mom, or your out-of-town booty call come to visit.

Lot 1 and Lot Z— Useful for Weekend Visitors:
If your homies from Towson are coming to visit, make sure they cop that free weekend parking in Lot 1. Tell them to leave a note on their hood that says “Fuck DOTS” for when they do their patrolling and thankfully can’t write you a ticket. As long as they don’t arrive before 4 p.m. on Friday, they’re clear to go ahead and park in 1B or 1Z and everything else in front of Ludwig and Knight. This parking location is prime for visitors of North Campus residents, but if you live anywhere else, stay tuned for better parking options.

Youth Child Care Center— The Best Gameday Parking:
If you’ve ever had your parents or friends come down for football or basketball, you know that finding parking at this school is a goddamn disaster. Next time someone wants to visit you on gameday, quietly direct them to the Child Care Center located next to the outdoor pool at Eppley. Parking is free on weekdays after 5 and weekends all day. And its close location to both the football stadium and Xfinity enables even your grandma to spend the day as a Terp!

The Stadium Drive Garage— Your Chief Bootycall Parking:
It’s really the closest and best parking for that late-night “You up?” text. Since the entire garage is free after midnight, you can tell your boo to park in there before you guys get your freak on. And since parking was so free and easy, they might even want to come back and visit you during normal hours of the day! If that happens, refer to previous options. But who are we kidding, no one wants to see your face in the daylight.

Lot K— Your Off-Campus Parking Plug:
Located a short walk from Leonardtown, Lot K is ideal for visitors to Frat Row or anywhere on Route 1. The lot is open and free after 4 p.m. on weekdays and free on weekends, so if your name is Chad and you’re in a frat, you no longer can tell your long-distance girlfriend that she can’t visit because “there’s no parking.” Yeah, good luck with that one, buddy.

Lot Q— In the Middle of All the Action:
Lot Q is really a multipurpose lot due to its accessible location across the street from the Cambridge Community. If you have a weird friend who wants to come visit the campus farm, you could utilize Lot Q for their parking. This lot follows the 7 a.m.- 4 p.m. Monday through Friday restrictions, so maybe y’all even have friends that would want to camp out in Lot Q and throw a tailgate. Who knows? The possibilities are endless.

If there’s something this school can agree on it’s that DOTS sucks and finessing free parking is the only way to spite them. Honestly, bookmark this article.

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