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White Awake Meeting Sparks Debate: Is Testudo Racially Insensitive To Turtles?

White Awake Maryland has been quite controversial ever since the university unveiled it a few weeks ago. Many people think the group is insensitive to minorities, while others think it’s a safe space for white students to talk about race. But there’s something that White Awake is discussing that the mainstream media won’t report: whether or not Testudo is racially insensitive. The Black Sheep asked several other group members on their opinions on the matter.

Of course it’s insensitive to turtles; we’re creating completely unnecessary body expectations for adolescent male turtles everywhere. – Jackie, President of Terps Terp for Terping Terps Everywhere.

Uhmm, I don’t believe in racism. – Amy, took an African studies course once so she’s “basically an expert in race relations.”

I once made out with Testudo to get an A+ on my Calc final; I ended up with an A-. Testudo cheated me. So yes, I do think he’s insensitive. – Ronaldo, ended up getting hepatitis from said Testudo encounter. 

Isn’t there a mold infestation? Should we be concerned about this? – Harry, isn’t allowed in 251 North for reasons.

I believe it. – Tyler, Level 9 Supreme Commander of The Terrapin Conspiracy Brigade.

You know, I think it’s important we try to create a community where no one feels excluded. By the way, you know what’s super tubular, fellow kid? The purple line. – Willy, looks an awful like president Loh disguised as a fuck boi.

Although The Black Sheep was unable to determine a general consensus regarding this topic for the entire student body, we have concluded that White Awake is not woke as its name suggests.

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