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10 Places in East Lansing That Need a Liquor License

East Lansing has some wild bars – from The Riv to Lou and Harry’s, we can get any kind of alcohol we need at the drop of a hat. But what if we had even more? The Black Sheep came up with ten delicious places where all MSU students would love to drink.

10.) The Green and White McDonalds:
This East Lansing landmark is one of those places where no one tries to go to, but everyone just kind of ends up at. Whether it’s 1 a.m. while pounding a McDouble or 1 p.m. after getting pounded by your IAH exam, this American classic would be a great place to get sloshed. A 20-pack of nuggets and a Guinness? Don’t mind if we do!

9.) The Bogue St. Bridge:
This bridge is known among students as a discreet place for Spartan stoners to toke up; why not throw alcohol into the mix? A turf war between frat boys and potheads would really be a sight to see. Plus, the Red Cedar is littered with Bud Light cans anyway!

8.) Grand Traverse Pie Company:
This sweet little place is dynamic for two reasons: 1.) drunk pie, and 2.) it sits behind a gas station, so we can eat gas station goodies, like Fritos and plastic-y cheese Danishes. It also has a great “study” vibe – now you can get trashed and study for your ISS!

7.) The MSU Union:
The Union has it all – Biggby, bowling, and late night eats. But what is the one thing it doesn’t have? $2 shots of vodka! Adding a bar right next to the Sparty bench would be the ultimate way to show students, alumni, and visitors alike just how we roll.

6.) Rick’s:
Before you yell at us, we know they already have a liquor license. However, picture this: two liquor licenses. Imagine half-off Tuesdays with double the drinks! Sure, you’ll probably lose your wallet, keys, and virginity all in the first night, but it’ll be worth it for all the Long Islands.

5.) Every Floor of Hubbard Hall:
If you have to live here, God help you. You deserve a Tequila Sunrise.

4.) The Rock:
An iconic part of MSU history, The Rock is a great place to congregate on campus. What would make it even better? Booze! No longer would people have to camp out alone in tents all night just to paint it; now, they can paint it while they sip and socialize!

3.) Wells Hall:
The Wells Hall Starbucks is one of the top-selling Starbucks locations in the entire Midwest, so imagine how well a place with alcohol would do. Suddenly, deciding between a Thursday morning mimosa or Bloody Mary would be the hardest part of our day.

2.) The Gallery at Snyder-Phillips:
One of MSU’s most often used cafeterias, The Gallery is perfect for getting a little sauced up. Its central location makes it convenient for nearly everyone, and their pub menu options are basically drunk food anyway, making it the perfect location to grab some booze.

1.) Conrad’s:
Okay, okay, while this is an obvious choice, just think about it. You’re already slamming down a DWB and some mac bites right after slamming a Natty; now you can just cut the middle man!

Whether you want your Oberon with a side of McDonald’s fries or Union mac and cheese, we can all agree that updating these East Lansing hotspots would make all of our lives – and our upcoming finals – much easier.

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