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12 Things You Probably Shouldn’t Have on Your Screen When Your Boss Walks By


We all know the feeling of a job or internship that simply fails to keep you awake at any hour of the day. When things get really boring, our minds tend to browse. Here are 12 screenshots, likely to be an accurate depiction of your very screen, that you would rather your boss not see.


12.) Looking at Craigslist romance to make you feel better about your love life:



We would all prefer life without Tinder, but sometimes there isn’t a better option. Just don’t let anyone at work see you cheering yourself up by browsing the Craigslist romance ads, telling yourself it could be worse.


11.) Finally mustering up the guts to check your final grades:


Chances are, if you’re checking your grades a month after school is out, you wouldn’t want the janitor to see them, let alone your boss.


10.) Planning out your next vacation based on real priorities:



Your manager will probably be okay with you taking some time off to ‘visit grandma,’ but don’t let him see the hash bash you really have planned.


9.) Hopefully trying to play a joke and nothing more:



Sprinkle some of these bad boys around the workplace to really bring some excitement to everyone’s day.


8.) Seeing if that gigantic barrel of oil you can get in two days is real:



Yes, it is real. What’s also real is how easy it is to spend hours seeing what you can get shipped to your house in two days, so don’t let your boss see this level of unproductivity.


7.) Finding a movie for later off a sketchy-ass website:



The IT guys will get a kick out of this one, especially when the Chinese warehouse that sets up the website sends their latest virus your way.


6.) Throwing it back to middle school with some games:



This game is the classic distraction. For those of you forgetting the name but itching to play, it’s called Parking Mania, and yes, it is still as fantastic as ever.


5.) Planning out what you’ll actually be doing at your next party:



When you and the bros get bored sitting around and shouting “pass the weed” when someone gets a phone call, fire up a Guitar Hero duel. Try not to let your boss know that this is the most fun you have on a Friday night.


4.) Figuring out how much to charge your friends when they ask you to buy booze with your fake:



Even though it won’t work, it’s always fun to try. But it’s probably not a good idea for your boss to see you on a website with a domain of .pe.


3.) Finally looking for that douchey car you can hardly afford:



Nothing would make your coworkers think more highly of you than a brightly colored, loud car to wake them up as you roll in 20 minutes late.


2.) Preparing for your next lunch and probably dinner for the next month:



If anybody sees your sad diet, they’re certain to think it was you that took their lunch out of the fridge.


1.) Finally deciding what kind of dog to get:



If you haven’t caught on to the trend, the idea is you don’t want your boss to see all of your bad ideas, on top of your lack of productivity. Yes, we like dogs too, and no, it’s not the best idea to subject them to the rough life of college apartments.


With these gems, we should be able to say it couldn’t get much worse. However, knowing our readers, it probably could.





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