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6 Places On MSU’s Campus to Hide So You Don’t Have to Go Home For the Summer


With the semester coming to a close and the drag of spending three months at home looming, many MSU students are wishing they could stay in East Lansing for the summer. Fortunately, The Black Sheep has searched campus far and wide to find the best hiding places so you can avoid spending the summer in your parents’ basement.


6.) In the Snyder-Phillips Dungeon:



Well, this isn’t exactly a dungeon, and the second set of steps leading back up means you’re likely to be found, but the steps haven’t been power washed, so the aesthetic is still there. If you’re looking for a nice, medieval-themed summer, though, this is the place for you.


5.) On the Farm:



An underrated aspect of going to a world-renowned agriculture school is that you can travel to the middle of nowhere in a matter of minutes. This summer, instead of flipping burgers in your hometown, live among the burgers at the cattle farm.


4.) Under the Bridge in the Children’s Garden:



While everyone goes to the Children’s Garden to take Snapchats while stomping on the music tiles, we suggest you go and hide under the bridge for the summer. While all your friends are mowing lawns until August, you can be jumping out and scaring children for the next three months.


3.) In the Secret Passage Next to the Gallery Ice Cream Machine:



Nobody knows why this passage exists or where it leads, but its mystery only makes it that much better of a hiding place. Plus, it’s located next to a ton of food, so you can snack a bit. If you’re lucky, the passage will lead to Narnia and you can spend the summer with Aslan.


2.) In the Japanese Landscape Gardens:



Located south of campus, these gardens offer beautiful scenery and a diverse collection of decorative plants, as well as providing a great hiding place for the summer. An added bonus of the Japanese garden is you can snap a few Instagram posts while you’re there and convince your followers you spent the summer backpacking Asia.


1.) In the Steam Tunnels:



There’s no hiding place on campus as classic as the steam tunnels. Spend your summer as a human hamster running through the tubes that lay beneath MSU’s campus. Finding your way in may be a little difficult, but a little arm strength and then a ten-foot drop and you’re golden.


We here at The Black Sheep hope you take our advice and stay in East Lansing for the summer. Use one of our helpful suggestions and we’re sure you won’t regret it.


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