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8 Wonky-Ass Required Textbooks You Can Find at SBS


It’s that time of year again! Time to find yoself the “required” readings at the ol’ reliable Student Book Store and determine whether or not they’re actually worth purchasing at such obscene rates. While you proceed to contemplate your purchase, here are some oddities you can also find at SBS that may be a little more entertaining:


8.) Golf Course Tree Management:




Do you ever find yourself managing the trees and, all of a sudden, notice their dissatisfaction over the fact that they are not aesthetically pleasing enough to be seen with the cool kids on the golf course? That’s okay. Fortunately, the lovely people at SBS have graced us with a way to assure that our trees are always beautiful enough to make it in the background of television so boring, your dad voluntarily falls asleep in front of it.


7.) A Very Short Introduction to Fascism:




The ideal book for learning a very short amount of information about fascism, this is the best for someone with very high political aspirations, or just a penchant for nationalism.


6.) Reading Children’s Literature: A Critical Introduction:




Are you the English major that looks at the book Pat the Bunny and cannot for the life of you psychoanalyze the bunny, or discover what the author’s intention was in creating artificial fur for the bunny itself? Fortunately, SBS gives you a critical introduction to comprehending the perplexities of Pat the Bunny, along with other classics you vaguely remember from your childhood.


5.) How Not to Be a Hypocrite:




Are you the person that finds yourself telling people, “Anyone who eats pizza with a fork and knife should be decapitated,” yet can be found in the basement of Mason mowin’ down with cutlery? Don’t be alarmed! SBS’s How Not to Be a Hypocrite will help you understand how to not do that…or just not get caught doing it.


4.) A Gentle Introduction to Stata:




A response to An Aggressive Introduction to Stata, Alan C. Acock’s “gentle” introduction will introduce statistical analysis in a way that will make you feel a little more comfy-cozy. We at The Black Sheep sincerely believe Acock is exactly what you’re looking for!


3.) Watching the English:




It’s a difficult task, watching English people, y’know? Fortunately, Fox’s book helps us determine exactly how to go about assuring those Brits have been thoroughly observed. It’s like bird-watching, but better.


2.) The Hunger Games:




This is not a textbook. This horrific book explains the ritualistic genocide of children in the diverse nation of Panem. It gives a first-person perspective of the oppression of youth and how they are conditioned for slaughter from the earliest stages of adolescence. Prepare for one fucked up IAH! 


1.) Decomposition Book:




Required for basically every WRA course, this book is – well, kinda blank. We know they say it’s required and all, but, like…it’s got no words. Would not recommend.


Well, there ya have it. Now drop by SBS, look at how obscenely priced this shit is, and go home and greet your good ol’ buddy, Amazon.

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