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The Best Comments on Local Douchebag’s Free & For Sale Post


What is normally a pretty boring and innocent MSU Facebook group filled with students trying to sublease their apartments for the summer, Free & For Sale was stirred up by a post that some are referring to as “worse than our football season.”




Oh, just another student looking to sublease? What could go wrong here?




Seems like a nice place. Cool view.


Is that a Trump flag? Maybe he just voted for him for the fiscal reasons. No judgements. Let’s just look at the post.



If you are one of him, you’re probably laughing right now. Good for you. If you’re like most citizens that respect the female gender, you are ready to view in gory detail just exactly what happened next to this poor soul.



David comes in strong and to the point, and a rattled Dylan throws a desperation heave by making fun of his profile picture of him going to town on a tasty Pita. Meanwhile, Ian comes storming in with the explosive retort.



Tell us how you really feel.



Simple, yet profound.




Tensions begin to rise as things start to get excruciatingly personal. To the relief of Dylan, he would get a break from all of this nonsense. He’s just trying to sublease, right?



Dylan has now been pushed to the point to where he would do anything to sublease his apartment, including methods that give him a 50/50 shot of literally giving the damn thing away.



Things are not looking good for Dyl—– You know what? Devin’s nickname for him is cooler. Things are not looking good for “Homie dog”. His opponents have done their homework, and Homie dog is backpedaling.



Homie dog has chosen the route that you probably would have chosen when you were in middle school. Those were the times, right? When there weren’t employers literally looking at all of your interactions?



Welcome to your tape, Homie dog.




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