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Just Little Spartan Things


We’re just about at the halfway point of the summer. Whether you’ve spent all summer living at your parents’ house or mindlessly filling out excel spreadsheets, the fall semester will be here faster than you can say, “STR.” Here’s some #justlittlespartanthings to look forward to (or not) once the school year returns in full force.


9.) Spartan Tailgates:



After a humbling 3-9 season, Spartan fans and players alike are ready for a clean slate. Win or lose you’ll still get that empowering feeling that comes with openly drinking a beer on campus.   


8.) The Red Cedar:



No matter the season, the Red Cedar manages to be breathtakingly beautiful and dirty at the same time. That couple making out on the banks will be a quick reminder of how alone you really are.


7.) The Wells Preacher:



An array of assholes come back to campus during the fall to give a friendly reminder that we are all going to hell. The key is to turn your headphones up full blast and be careful not to feed the trolls.


6.) Studying at the Main Lib:



The Main Library is a great place to buckle down and get your learning on, unless you venture upstairs and join the social hour on the second floor.


5.) Spotting Sparty:


As giant as MSU’s campus is, you’re bound to see Sparty driving around in his golf cart from time to time. The execution behind your high five or fist bump is crucial in gaining his respect.


4.) Playing IM Sports:



The variety of intramural sports offered through MSU gives so many kids the opportunity to relive their former athletic glory. Sure, it may not really matter, but don’t tell these gym class heroes.


3.) Seeing a game at the Breslin:



Nothing quite beats the atmosphere of lower-bowl Izzone seats. What’s better than watching Miles Bridges dunk and being close enough to curse at the opposing team?


2.) Michigan weather:



Snowstorm in October? 70 degrees in February? Nothing is impossible in the great state of Michigan. Look on the bright side, cold builds character (ex: the panzis in the south).


1.) Standing in line for Rama:



Rain, shine, or subzero temperatures, Thursday’s are for cheap pitchers and even cheaper burgers. If you’re not waiting more than two hours, then you’ve never really experienced Rama and all its anticipation.


It’s the little things that make MSU unique. #justlittlespartanthings



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