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What Are MSU Seniors’ Biggest Regrets?

When you’re a freshman, senior year seems far away; you have plenty of time to darty, skip your ISS, and enjoy Union Late Night. Then, all of a sudden, you’re a senior, and you realize the only accomplishment you’ve actually done was not getting semen stains on the sheets your mom got you for Christmas. While you may feel like you’re the only one who regrets not spending your time in East Lansing wisely, we asked for a few things your fellow MSU seniors regret as well, like:

Disclaimer: Every response written after the first four was written by your fellow Spartans. Yes, they even wrote the dicks.

While Rick’s American Cafe is a beloved East Lansing institution, it definitely has its flaws (like the sticky floors, mentioned frequently in this survey). However, most Spartans ignored this, opting to share their regret of never getting an elusive black card. Meanwhile, several other seniors simply said either “not going to Rick’s” or “going to Rick’s”. At least the latter of us have all our fond memories of time spent there – well, those of us that didn’t black out every time.

A ubiquitous addition to most Spartans’ time here, Wells Hall is home to Campus Center Cinemas, one of the midwest’s most popular Starbucks, and an insane preacher. When it comes to regrets, more than a third of the surveyed seniors found that their biggest Wells regret was not harassing said preacher more, and others regretted never meeting him at all. The long Starbucks lines were another senior regret, along with gems like “not passing those classes”. Ouch. #SpartansWill do the bare minimum!

It was tough to decide a winner between “going to college in a state with such shitty weather” and “never walking across the Red Cedar while it was frozen over,” but the real divide came from moped use. We had everything from “not getting a moped” to “not tackling a bropeder driving on the sidewalk”. Who knew mopeds were so annoying? Oh, wait, everyone except moped drivers knows that.

Ah, the number one reason to attend Michigan State in the first place: Combo-X-Changes. Forgetting one of these bad boys was more regretted than not fucking with the RAs, not fucking with roommates, and “ever stepping foot in East Neighborhood.” That’s a lotta love for Combos.


Despite a few years of wildly erratic football, most loyal Spartans chose options like “never trying the cream cheese-filled pretzels” or “passing out at a tailgate before the game even started”. Other responses include “not going to the B1G championship vs Iowa”, “nothing”, and, of course, “pwnin noobs”.

With money we easily could have spent on half-off Tuesdays, most students regret shilling out all that cash for textbooks. Other notable regrets include not going to ‘Rama, not going to more parties, and not having sex somewhere on campus. Hey, now- there’s still a few days left to get laid!

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We also asked Spartans for some of their best MSU stories, and they did not disappoint. Highlights include:

We’re beginning to sense a pattern.

Ah, yes, we’ll never forget those wild nights on top of Munn.

And, of course, the best story of all:


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