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Spartan Alumnus Still Dreams of Combo-X-Changes Four Years Post-Grad

Between unlimited cafeteria swipes and free convenience store food through the Combo-X-Change program, MSU students have never gone hungry. Despite graduating in the spring of 2014 with a Bachelor’s in economics, MSU graduate Joshua Goulia still dreams of MSU’s combos to this day.

“Sometimes they’re good dreams, sometimes they’re nightmares. The good dreams usually consist of me sitting in Brody, eating my combo chicken wings, while the nightmares are just my daily life, working at a bank, not eating combos,” Goulia divulged to us.

While he said that he dreams mostly of the cheese sticks, Spartan Spirit coffee, and Woody’s entrees, many of the other Sparty’s specialties still grace his dreams.

“I actually saved almost all of my senior year combos for when I moved out on my own. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much room in the moving truck, so I had to decide between dozens of containers of Frosted Flakes and the dining room table my late grandpa hand-carved as a wedding gift for my grandma in 1952. I’m still proud of my decision; those Flakes lasted almost a whole month.”

Goulia, who lived in Holden Hall all four years, was quick to tell us about his most successful caf combo of all time.

“One time, at Sny-Phi late night, I managed to get three Chicken Phillies, two Patty Melts, a few pieces of cheese bread, six or seven cheeseburger patties, a personal pizza with green peppers and onions, a spinach wrap, and four bowls of tomato tortellini soup into one take-out container. I could’ve just eaten there, but I wanted to get home to watch The Walking Dead.”

Goulia is now applying to MSU for another Bachelor’s degree, this time in food science, in hopes to be back on campus and combo once more.


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