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8 Ways to Let Your New Roommate Know To Stay Away from Your Combo Stash


The new school year is right around the corner, and with the new year, comes other new things. New rooms, new experiences, and especially new roommates. Whether you’ve been to MSU for a year or two already, or you’re starting your freshman year, you’ve got to set some ground rules with your new roommate. Especially when it comes to your stash of combo food. Here’s some ways to let your new roommate know not to touch your combos.


8.) Just tell them:
It’s always good to start off by talking to your roommate and setting boundaries. Let them know about when you go to sleep, your class schedule, and also that they should never touch your combo stash.


7.) Leave little notes to remind them:
Sometimes people forget, and a little note is a good way to remind them of something. Write down “hey, don’t touch my combo stash bro” on a post it note near your combo stash, and your new roommate should get the picture.


6.) Whisper into their ear while they are sleeping:
A good way to absorb knowledge is to hear it as you are asleep. So, while your roommate has been asleep for three hours (You have to wait for R.E.M. sleep to kick in) just get right up next to their ear and whisper “Stay away from your roommate’s combo stash” for 20 minutes. The message should sink in at that point.


5.) Hack into their phone:
Memorize your roommate’s pass code as they unlock their phone. Once they leave the room without their phone, use their pass code to gain entrance. Since you are just there to send a message, just make their phone background the simple message of “Stay away from my combo stash” signed by you. That should get your point across.


4.) Write it on the wall in fake blood:
This’ll be a fun art project! Buy some fake blood, because it’ll send the exact same message as real blood, and just like in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, write the message to your roommate that they need to stay away from your combo stash on a wall in your room. Whether you want to make the bloody message into a riddle is up to you, if you are feeling crafty enough.


3.) Make a commercial spot:
The best way to get news across to someone in this day and age is to do it through a television. Make a professional looking commercial calling out your roommate, telling them to not steal your combo stash. Enlist some Media and Information students who are just begging for any type of work to make it and air it on your roommate’s favorite channels.


2.) Kidnap them:
Fear tactics are always a solid way to get something into someone’s brain. Round up some of your friends, don some ski masks, find your roommate while they are out and about and kidnap them right off the street. While your friend who’s driving is peeling away, yell at your roommate to stay away from your combo stash, then throw them out blocks away.


1.) Call the Police on them:
Your property is being stolen, so this warrants a call to the MSU Police. Have them searching your room for clues on the robbery as your roommate walks into the room and then point them out to the police, saying that this person was the one who stole from your combo stash. A trip to the clink should do your roommate some good.


A combo stash is a very valuable piece of property to any MSU student. Don’t let yours fall victim to a greedy roommate like so many others in the past.




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