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So Woke!: MSU Senior Spent Entire Summer Getting to Know the ‘Real Lansing’

After three years living in East Lansing, MSU senior Shelby Wilkinson, a James Madison student, finally feels like she knows “the real Lansing” after a life-changing summer internship in the city.

“What most people don’t know is that Lansing is the capital of Michigan,” she said eagerly. “Most of the city is in Ingham County, and my phone autocorrects ‘Lansing’ to ‘Landing’.”

When asked about specific aspects of the city and its culture that she enjoyed, Wilkinson had a lot to say.

“So there are four national insurance companies there,” she divulged. “Not to mention the bike trail, a bunch of yoga studios, a few Quality Dairies, and Sparrow Hospital.”

She was also excited about the star power of Lansing, as many celebrities have visited the city in the past.

“Guy Fieri actually came here last year to go to some really underground Lansing restaurants, like Meat, Zaytoon, and Eastside Fish Fry & Grill. Of course, I spent my summer eating at all of them, even though my internship was unpaid, and I totally couldn’t afford it. Those little unknown places are worth being broke!”

She continued on with even more recommendations.

“If you want a great local spot to do homework or study a bit, there’s this place called Starbucks that’s on South Cedar, and it’s just divine! I loved going to Lake Lansing for the day and then cooling off there. It’s across town and like a twenty-minute drive, but it’s so worth it!”

When asked about her daily commute, Wilkinson gave us a sly wink and a chuckle.

“I just rented an apartment downtown Lansing so I wouldn’t have to drive the ten minutes from my place on Gunson. It sucked having to pay two rents for the summer, but there was no way I could make such a long drive every day!”

Wilkinson recommends that anyone who wants a fun, jam-packed summer should try Lansing.

“It’s worth it, I promise.”

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