University of Michigan Dog of the Week: Brook the Husky

author-pic at University of Michigan  

It’s the one thing you never knew you needed, The Black Sheep is proud to present: Dog of the Week! Every week we’ll be bringing you Ann Arbor’s finest and furriest pooches for your viewing enjoyment. Plus this way, next time you see them you can shout their names so they’ll run to you, then there’s no way the owner won’t stop walking to let you pet their doggo.

Welcoming our very first pup of the week: Brook!

Brook enjoys napping and “chatting” with her mom, long walks in the arb, and escaping the house to dig through the trash! Her favorite foods include jerky treats, pizza, and peanut butter… and the occasional squirrel. Like any other 7 year old, Brook loves her stuffed animal, a squirrel of course, and exploring Ann Arbor. She even has an instagram! If you can’t get enough of this sweet face feel free to follow her @brookthebabe!

That’s all for now folks, check back next week for another Ann Arbor pup!