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Professor Emails Freshman Death Certificate After He Replies-All

Carla Martinez, a professor in the Spanish department, sent out a Canvas announcement early Thursday morning to all 400 students enrolled in Spanish 232.

“Hola clase, you’ll find the study guide to exam one posted online in the files section.”

One of her freshmen students, Charlie Welch, replied all within 12 minutes, saying he, “couldn’t find the file, and [he’s] worried about the exam since [he] has a mandatory pledge dinner the night before, limiting [his] study time.”

Professor Martinez, who’s day was absolutely ruined by this email chain, sent Charlie a direct email with a death certificate printed with his name on it.

“I bought a bunch of blanks off an art student a few years back, so whenever someone really pisses me off, I fill it out with their information and scan it in. It’s very effective.” “Maybe it was extreme, but there’s a special place in hell for people who reply all to mass emails, said Professor Martinez.”

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