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Ross Architect Revealed To Be 10-Year-Old With Minecraft Lite On His Mom’s iPad

Recent investigations into whether or not dolphins were harmed in the construction of Ross revealed that the architect of Ross is in fact a 10-year-old with Minecraft Lite on his mom’s iPad.

When interviewed, the boy said he saw an opening for the position on LinkedIn-a pre-admit in the making. He researched Stephen M. Ross, found out he really liked dolphins and cubism, and set out to design the most visually assaulting thing he could on Minecraft.

“The hardest part was trying not to buy any add-ons. My mom gets really mad if she sees them on her credit card bill.”

The boy said he sent in his resume; listing his favorite colors, how many marshmallows he could fit in his mouth, and attached the design from Minecraft.

“The university reached out right away, they loved it. They paid me in football season tickets for life and Minecraft Pro.”

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