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Sophomore In Ugli Asks Other Blonde If She Would Sell Her An ID Since They Have The Same Shrek-Shaped Birthmark

Katie Collins, nursing school sophomore, was blasting through her printing allowance on the first floor of the Ugli when she noticed another blonde stapling lecture slides. She couldn’t resist it, “Nice birthmark, have you ever had it checked out? Like at the doctor?”

Katie then proceeded to pull down the waist of her Lulus and show her Shrek shaped abomination off proudly.

“I work at the hospital so it looks good on my resume, but also I’m really hoping I can seduce a dermatologist with my 8 step plan and get mine removed. I mean, I love its uniqueness, but WebMD says I won’t make it to senior year, and that’s a real bummer. I’d miss out on a lot of tailgating.”

The sophomore later cut to the chase.

“You should like totally sell me your ID, we’re literally twins. Where are you from again? I’ll have to memorize your address,” said Collins to which the other blonde awkwardly laughed while packing up her things and running away.

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