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P.J. Fleck “Definitely Not” Leaving For Minnesota, Says Coach “Definitely Not Using Air Quotes”

Following Western Michigan’s 24-17 loss to Wisconsin in the 2017 Cotton Bowl, Broncos head coach P.J. Fleck held a press conference to deny rumors he plans on leaving Kalamazoo for a “better opportunity in Minnesota,” the coach said, “definitely not using air quotes.”

“I love coaching in the MAC,” the 36-year-old coaching phenom said, straight-faced. Fleck continued, “This is a conference that, year in and year out, produces some of the best rivalries in America,” he said, totally not giggling.

With Tuesday’s dismissal of Minnesota Golden Gophers Head Coach Tracy Claeys, speculation is swirling that Minneapolis is considered a favorite landing spot for Fleck.

“Coming in as a savior, coaching in a cold-weather stadium, in the Midwest, with reasonable expectations, that’s something I’ve never experienced,” the coach said, wryly winking at the reporters in attendance.

To Fleck, the challenge isn’t about improving a program, but rather, maintaining success.

“It’s not like being a college football coach requires an insatiable desire for success, or prestige, or a borderline insane work ethic,” the coach noted, “I’m totally fine not climbing the ladder to the top of the mountain.”

If offered the Minnesota job, Fleck would undoubtedly receive a pay increase from his current $800,000 salary.

“Making a few million a year doesn’t matter much to me,” Coach Fleck deadpanned, “like, that amount of money wouldn’t get me a heated indoor pool, or like, several bitchin’ rides.”

After a brief pause, the coach continued, “Oh, wait, yes it would.”


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