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What Your Brain Looks Like Based on Which UMN College You’re In


As Walt Whitman once said, “I am large, I contain multitudes.” Can we ever really know what lurks in the minds of those closest to us?

We can now! Thanks to cutting edge research at the University of Minnesota, your brain can be scanned to tell you- and everyone else- exactly who you really are! We here at The Black Sheep strove further, and sought to composite these brain scans into an average: an average for every student at the U, based on college of course.

The actual scans themselves defy proper physical replication, and to post them here would surely drive the viewer insane due to the sheer intimacy of the mental information presented. So, we picked some highlights and made a mock-up here. At long last, your guide to the mind of each college’s typical student!

College of Liberal Arts:

College of Science and Engineering:

Carlson School of Management:

College of Design:

College of Biological Sciences:

College of Education and Human Development:

College of Food, Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences:

Well, you saw what you saw and you can’t take it back! You’ll never be able to look at a fellow student the same way again. Except maybe CFANS students. We basically all knew that already.


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