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5 Things To Do When It Won’t Stop F*cking Raining in CoMo

Welcome to monsoon season! For everyone who is at Mizzou from dryer lands, welcome to the end times friends. There’s no other weather conditions that make you question your existence quite like the never-ending rainy days in CoMo. Even if the rain is depressing and just really fucking annoying, there are still plenty of things to do around campus. Luckily for you, we’ve saved you the time you’d waste googling it, and came up with some pretty sweet rainy day activities. 

5.) Channel your inner kid:

College is fucking stressful, make the best out of the shitty situation, hit up the quad or even the middle of Rollins and jump in some puddles! Jump your stresses away, whether they be about school or your dead sex life. Going outside in the rain is also a wonderful opportunity for the good ole wet t-shirt contest. Who doesn’t love those? If it’s lightning out, all the more reason to make the trip into the wilderness, maybe you’ll get struck by lightning and you won’t have to face responsibilities anymore.

4.) Cry:

Rainy days are nice for maybe five seconds before they become the most depressing times of anyone’s life. So just get cozy in bed with a blanket because for the next 2 months you’re going to be depressed because it won’t fucking stop raining. Mother Nature clearly hates you and wants you to drown in your sorrows, figuratively and literally with the monsoon happening outside your door. Maybe Mizzou will be underwater when it’s all over.

3.) Get hammered:

This rain can’t ruin your parade! You are so dedicated to Big 12, you’ll go even if there are weather advisories. But if you are a pussy, nothing is cooler (more embarrassing) than downing 3 bottles of wine by yourself. To top off your cool (embarrassing) down time, grab your prized possession, your vagina coloring book. It’s raining so no one will be bothering you to hangout and you’re too scared to leave your house so get fucking trashed and color some beautiful vaginas.

2.) Lay in bed and watch Netflix:

Let’s be honest, you’d do this no matter the weather conditions, so we are just going to move on.

1.) Homework:

L O L, but no though. You may tell yourself you will be productive and get work done, but you won’t. You are going to open your window to hear the soothing sounds of rain, and maybe the occasional “fuuuuuccckkk” from fellow students walking to Ellis, and fall asleep like a goddamn baby. That homework, along with the never-ending rain, can go fuck itself.

Whether you’re from Missouri or not, you never get used to the torrential downpours. The phrase “when it rains it pours,” is fucking spot on when it comes to weather in Missouri. If it’s not hot as fuck it’s wet as fuck 24/7. Shit’s ridiculous, why did we all decide to come here, the weather is sent from Satan himself.

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