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7 Realistic Mizzou Holiday Cards


Congratulations, Tigers. You have officially made it to the end of fall semester! Where the fu** did the time go?! Before you return home for winter break, your Black Sheep staff wants to send you off with 7 Mizzou-themed holiday cards. Let’s reflect on some of the crazy shit that has occurred over these past few months on our beloved campus, with a little holiday spirit:

7.) Shocker! Another Mizzou athlete caught with drugs!:

Damarea Crockett

6.) No, we will never quite get over the Beagle incident:


5.) Santa was most definitely watching you hoe hoe hoes getting down at 10 Below:



4.) Something tells us the writer of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” would’ve failed  his “Not Anymore” student training:not-anymore

 3.) Bye KA–it was ratchet fun while it lasted:


2.) Freshman arrived in August with their innocence…in December they might be leaving with a little more:


1.) Same frat boy douchbagery, with a splash of Christmas spirit!:


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