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9 Pick-up Lines Every Girl Has Tried at a Mizzou Tailgate

It’s tailgate season, which means drunk people everywhere you turn. Specifically, drunk girls thinking they are the absolute cutest thing on the planet (don’t forget the cat ears). Some of those girls get bold, walk up to random dudes to see how far they can get, why not, right? The staff here at The Black Sheep has compiled the best of their pick-up lines for you to study whether you’re the next target or just want to use them yourself.

9.) “Oh my God, I just love football! Don’t you just love football!?”:
This girl knows absolutely nothing about football, and you know it. But you also know that her ass is hanging out and she’s 5 mimosas deep so you endure with her blabbing.

8.) “Wow, do you work out?”:
The line that never (but always) gets old. After hearing that, you’ll never look down on your dad bod again. Girls love a good dad bod; a little pudge around the nips, maybe some love-handles that make for a nice pounding, you get it.

7.) “I’ve got buns, do you have the hotdog?”:
Fun fact: she’s not talking about food. Better take her into the nearest Johnny-on-the-spot and whip out that hot dog for her buns.

6.) “Wanna choke me with this Tiger tail?”:
Woah, we got ourselves a kinky one! She’s a crazy lady in the streets and just as crazy in the sheets, good luck with this one.

5.) “Do you wanna fuck?”:
Very straightforward, she knows what she wants. And she wants to bang, just take her right then and there who cares if everyone is watching. A girl who knows exactly what she wants is hot.

4.) “I bet I can shot gun this beer faster than you”:
Odds are she can’t but wants to impress you, so make like Nike and “Just Do It.” If you beat her, the best way to comfort her is to give her that D. If she beats you, she’s a treasure and hold onto her forever. And then give her the D.

3.) “Are you as much of a Tiger in bed as I think you are?”:
This girl is drunk as hell, looked you up and down, and thought of one of the most uncomfortable things to come up and say to you. Go ahead, do the girl a favor and prove to her the jungle cat that you are in the sack. 

2.) “I’m trying to make out with every guy at this tailgate, wanna make out?”: 
*Has 10 tallies on her arm* A girl on a mission. Making out with every guy you see is a good way to get mono but hey, she’s making big moves.

1.) “Oh, is that your dad?”:
Much respect for the girls aiming for the older men. Go get that sugar daddy and maybe get that tuition paid for while you’re at it too?

Some of the best pick-ups are the most “out-there.” Don’t be afraid to wing it a little. Now that you have these at your disposal, use one at the next tailgate you attend and see how far you can get (We’re assuming not very). Everything’s worth doing once though, right?

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