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What Your Drink of Choice at Mizzou Says About You

We all have our own favorite drink, regardless of whether it’s Monday night at Big12 or Wednesdays at Fieldhouse, there is always a drink we prefer over the rest. Much like the reaction we get when the doctor hits us in the knee, it’s almost instinct that we have our answers ready when the bartender asks what we want; and whether we like it or not, every drink has its own stigma. Just as much as your outfit speaks to who you are, your drink can tell just as much. The question is, what exactly is your drink saying about you?

Vodka Sprite:

You’re new here. We all have been through the “vodka sprite” phase, it’s just that most of us have done it sophomore year of high school. Either that, or you really love Lil Yachty and his inspirational #WannaSprite commercial moved you so much that you feel compelled to promote the product when you’re getting #lit.

Whisky Coke:

If you’re a guy, it’s a nice, good drink. If you’re a girl, even better. Not many guys expect a girl to spit out the drunken words, “whisky Coke” when they ask to buy us a drink. Girls who order whiskey Coke’s are basically the inspiration behind Tove Lo’s hit song, “Cool Girl.”

Gin and Tonic:

One of the more underrated drinks, but also one of the strongest. You’re either being smart with your money when you’re sober, or mean to your significant other when you’re drunk.

Vodka Red Bull:

Props to you, you have the money to afford a Red Bull. A luxury that not many of us can enjoy, but along with that, this person is out to get messed up. No one has a casual night out on vodka Red bulls. Also, it’s dangerous to mix alcohol and energy drinks, yet we do it anyway. So vodka Red Bull drinkers, hats off to you; you’re  bad AF.

AMF *(That blue thing from Fieldhouse)*:

You don’t exist. By the time you get to college, you should know to stay the fuck away from any alcoholic beverage that is bright blue. Adios Mother Fuckers died with Bengals (R.I.P.).

Tequila Sunrise:

You’re probably fun and don’t have important plans tomorrow. You also probably sleep around a lot, after all, it’s a well known fact that tequila makes the clothes fall right off.

Any white wine:

You’re a nice girl who enjoys quality time with her friends, inside.

Red wine:

You have kids.


If you’re a boy, probably cheap. If you’re a girl, hats off to you. It takes a certain girl to drink it frequently, but a special one to prefer it. Hats off to you and don’t worry about the beer gut, it’s a respectable one.

So the next time you’re out at the bar, keep an eye out for what your pick of the night is drinking, it might help in the long run; but at the end of the day, no matter what’s in your cup, just make sure it’s a strong one.


If you’re saying you’ve never experienced DADs, well, you’re lying:


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