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REPORT: The Black Sheep’s Scientists Predict This Will Become Next Spongebob Meme

Chicago — The Black Sheep, a college media publication that once befriended a sheep unlike the others at a petting zoo in rural Illinois, released a report on Wednesday that suggests the above frame from Spongebob Squarepants will become the next viral meme.

“The kids love the Spongebob memes,” said the lead researcher and weed guy of the study. “After three-straight days of watching nearly 400 Spongebob segments, we’re convinced we’ll see this become the next viral meme from Spongebob. It’s inevitable.”

One of the newest meme to hit the main stage is “Tired Spongebob,” which comes from the season one, episode 18, “Nature Pants,” the same episode the “Angry Patrick” meme has come from. The meme above, which the scientists have called “Sighing Partrick,” is also from that same episode.



“After putting all Spongebob episodes through a computer algorithm that our tech guy Stephen created and said would make us famous, we’ve concluded ‘Sighing Patrick’ will become the next viral meme,” said a co-researcher. “He asked for a $250k upfront raise, so we’re really banking this gives us some good press.”

The Black Sheep is collegiate marketing and media company that hopes to God this works.

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