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Top 10 Things To Do Naked Besides Sex

When you strip down naked there are unlimited possibilities — including sex — but here are some things to do naked besides sex!

10.) Naked Cook:
With the summer heat wave, who can blame you for only wanting to eat ice cubes and frozen lettuce to cool down? Unfortunately, that is not how adults behave. You have to cook your food. But instead of letting it ruin your whole life, why not make it a fun activity by stripping down and whipping up some Cheerios!

9.) Touch It Naked:
This summer’s hottest game is Touch It, a fun little prank game you can play without telling your roommates. Find a thing and Touch It. Five points if you touch it with your butt, ten with your John Hancock, ten for putting it between the girls. Toothbrushes, computers, phones — anything can be It. Touch It. TOUCH IT!

8.) Order Pizza Naked:
That guy at Domino’s will never know that you’re naked when you call for a double pepperoni pan pizza to come to you. That’s your naked secret forever.

7.) Clean Naked: 
Your place is a mess right now because you hate cleaning. Turn cleaning into a naked dance party — throw on some tunes, put on your birthday suit and air guitar the bleach until your apartment sparkles! Just don’t get that bleach anywhere else in your body/butthole!

6.) Peein’ and Poopin’ Naked:
When you are unencumbered by pants, using the toilet becomes such a joy! Bring a book, a beer or a pillow and sit on the throne backwards. Now you have a neat little shelf for all your bathroom toys! You can even take a little nap, if you need to!

5.) Sit Naked:
How many things have you put your bare butt on that weren’t car window? If you said “I don’t know,” you need to start over and keep track this time! Sit on your roommate’s side of the couch! On the kitchen counter! On all the chairs! Really get comfortable on your roomie’s bed! Sit on the stove! Haha! This is all yours now. 

4.) Chicken Naked:
If your friend also enjoys being naked, naked chicken is the best way to establish dominance. Get naked. Stare fiercely into her face. Dare her to challenge you. First one to get dressed loses!

3.) Hide and Seek Naked:
Start playing with your friends. If you’re hiding, quietly strip down and wait. If you’re found, leap out of your hiding place and jump on your friend’s back, yelling, “Ye’ll nevair tek- OUR FREEDOM!”

2.) Dance Naked:
Sometimes, a person is born with the soul of a honeybee. These people simply must dance. But you can’t communicate exactly what you want to dance with those stupid clothes in the way! Take them off and treat your friends to the purest form of expression this side of poetry slam night at your local library!

1.) Photobomb Naked:
Is there anything funnier than a naked lady jumping in front of college graduates just as the photographer snaps the picture? Yes: A naked dude photobombing a wedding.

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