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5 Things to Buy in Preparation for the Next North Carolina Snow Storm


This past weekend, North Carolina was covered in a white blanket of snow. The lines at grocery stores got to backed up, and your time is oh so precious, here is a quick list of things to buy to help streamline your shopping so you can get in and out as quick as possible next time snow barrels through our state.


5.) Lawn Chair:




We’re in the south where the only thing we’re bad at is literally anything to do with cold weather. We can’t dress for it, our infrastructure can’t take it, and we certainly can’t drive in it. So why try? Instead why not just grab a lawn chair, and post up, and watch the show while everyone else struggles trying to deal with it.


4.) Booze:



Food is great and all but if you’re going to be stuck inside for a few days, there’s no need to do it sober. So while everyone else is stocking up on milk and bread, make sure you get a different grain in the beer aisle.


3.) Hand Warmers:



This one may seem like an obvious way to keep your hands warm but the real trick is actually to buy a large box so if your power goes out you can make yourself a nice little space heater.


2.) A Book or a Trashy Magazine:




Even if there’s only a half an inch on the ground you can bet that everything is already closed for tomorrow, just for good measure. With that in mind, you’re going to need something to entertain yourself, and while movies and Netflix can be more fun, books have the added benefit of being kindling for any fires you might need if the power were to go out.


1.) Umbrella:



Let’s be real, this is North Carolina. The chances or it snowing are about as high as your chances of seeing an albino raven. More likely than seeing a unicorn but still not all that likely. If it’s calling for snow, buckle up for a few inches of rain and some chilly winds.  


No matter what happens any other wintery weekends in the future, this list can help set you straight and make your shopping as quick and stress free as possible.


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